Mai 19, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the (almost) true story: OPERATION HOTDOG

Dearezt Readerz! On his website, Terra Canaillo, our friend in Djermanistan, Joseph Canaillo, wrote the (almost) true story about the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. We thinka it's interesting stuff for our readerz in the english speaking world. We hava tranzlated it in Uribi-English. At the end of the article from Joseph, we copied a comment to an article on Spiegel-Online, written in english by a man called Tom Heneghan, living in the USA. 

 I thinka: Joseph Canaillo has a great fantasy, that becomes reality, and reality is more fantastic as fantasy.
Agent Morris (name has been changed) instructed that lida chick only one day before. It took a few weekz, but after all, they found her quickly, the right woman for the job. She was small, graceful and black - exactly the proper lida fruity girl for Hotdog. Furthermore well endowed with performing skilz, in a certain way sexy, with enough power to fend off a presumptuouz guy.
One week before, she started her job at Sofitel (New York). Agent Morris' chiefz knew, thiz could be a weak point in their construction, if someone would make some investigationz, but, she was the best, and time was running away.  She was very cool, although, a bitty nervouz too: tomorrow would be X-Day.

Hotdog is ripe. Agent Morris gives her 5000,- US $. After completing the action, she becomes anotha 5000,- US $. Agent Morris is laughing maliciously, yes, it's possible, afta the thing, she may receive a compensation over 250.000,- $ minimum (a good deal: as we know, she lives in a house for HIV-positiv peoplez, Marat Tch. Gundo).

Agent Morris explainz the procedure, without unveiling the real identity of Hotdog. Early in the morning, there is a 100 % chance that Hotdog wil take a shower or takes a bath. They will let her know, by the internal callsystem, to clean suite 2806. Immediately she has to make his bed, bending forward in some kind of obnoxiouz way, making it possible to hava deep insightz in the back and at the front. Saying thiz, Agent Morris grins. Also, in this hotel, for the roomservice, not so common, she has to wear a low neckline. Hot sexy underpantz are very good, but no thong, for Hotdog, thongz are too vulgar. She has to maka lotz of noice, so Hotdog has to take notice.
In America, the USA, Hotdog actz more cautiously than usual. He will come to look what is happening. He doesn't suspect, someone is in his suite. Normally it would be impossible.
Seeing her (it's highly probable he is unclothed, because he likes it walking naked in the morning in his appartment), he will be astonished, only for a short moment, there is no more time to think: there will be a mental blackout in his kinky brainz. Look at him with an amazed expression, smile and target his ding-dong. Excuse yourself, you didn't know he was there, show a very innocent look. His cock growz as hard as granite. We know him, we hava his complete psychological profile. We know what makes him tick. He is a hot dog. He will grasp you between your legz, feeling you up, hard breathing. Firzt smile at him, don't struggle, just say, you don't want thiz.  He will be clean gone. Smile anotha time at him, just say something lika 'no, not like thiz..', pucker your lips. Take care, he can look at your bazookas. Now, he getz outrageously batshit insane! His Lida John explodez! He only thinkz: penetrate! Now, struggle with him, kick him in his whirlygigs. Now, we hava a more difficult action: you must take care, that he touchez you in a hard way, clutching you tight, scraping - afta thiz, just go, go! Immediately you have to go to the police. Hotdog is very smart, Hotdog will try to fly away as soon as possible. In the way, his winky getz smaller, he will realize, a very dirty game has been played with him...

Anda here we hava the article found between readerz-commentz at Spiegel-Online: 
Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Sunday May 15, 2011
United States of America – It can now be reported that the U.S. Senate Banking Committee has recommended criminal prosecution of the gangster investment bank and brokerage Goldman Sachs, as well as the notorious criminal financial giant J. P. Morgan.
The criminal referrals have been sent to the U. S. Justice Department and now sit on the desk of compromised U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
The criminal referrals not only name Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan but former President George W. Bush, former Bush Administration U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, former Speaker of the House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and U.S. Secretary of State and former New York Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Item: Attorney General Holder, who was linked to the pardon of noted Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman Marc Rich, is now in a box with sources close to the New York Post reporting that both Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon are about to be indicted by a New York Federal Grand Jury.
Reference: The indictments deal with a violation of the New York state “bucketing” law which forbids false misrepresentation in the sales marketing of derivatives.
Note: And now the plot now thickens. A great deal of the evidence submitted to the Senate Banking Committee, as well as New York state prosecutors, was supplied to them by none other than the current President of the International Monetary Fund and soon to be French Presidential candidate, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.
It is therefore no coincidence that at 4:40 p.m. yesterday, May 14th, Strauss-Kahn was removed from a departing flight and arrested early this morning by New York police and charged with sexual assault of a chambermaid who worked at the Sofitel hotel in New York City near Times Square.
Note: What is also interesting about these events surrounding Strauss-Kahn is that for whatever reason Strauss-Kahn’s diplomatic immunity was revoked by the U.S. State Department 24 hours BEFORE the alleged sexual incident occurred at the Sofitel hotel.
Item: The U.S. Secretary of State, of course, is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is now a subject of the aforementioned investigation triggered by evidence given to Federal and State prosecutors by none other than Strauss-Kahn.
I will leave it to the readers of this intelligence briefing to come to their own conclusion concerning this strange event.

And now the plot thickens even more!

We can now divulge that major felony charges have been prepared by Justice Department investigators that accuse the aforementioned members of the Bush Administration, including others, as well as Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America, in the illegal diversion of $1.5 TRILLION tied to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which were taxes owed to the U.S. Treasury.
I can’t find anything more about this when I do a search. Perhaps the people behind the screen have put a block on a search with both Strauss-Kahn and Goldman Sachs in the same less
Here it ends..


AUI hat gesagt…

Sag mal spinnt ihr?
Niemand als die Betroffenen wissen, was passiert ist!
Und der arme Mann, der ist vielleicht unschuldig, und ihr macht ihn zur Show! Ebenso die Frau!

Marat Tchundyk Gundo hat gesagt…

We know more, as you can dream!

AUI hat gesagt…

So? Wie kommst du dann dazu das alles hier hinzuschreiben?
Ausserdem mag ich das Gefühl nicht, dass du mehr weisst als ich, Marat.

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

@AUI: vielleicht is es das Uribi-english (übrigens schön übersetzt von Marat, dafür danke), dass bei dir leicht für verwirrung sorgt, aber du kannst das original immer noch auf Terra C. lesen. Dann würdest du nämlich feststellen müssen, dass ich gar nichts schreibe über das, was jetzt tatsächlich in suite 2806 passiert ist. Das wissen tatsächlich nur die betroffenen. Ich habe lediglich die version von geheimagent Morris (name geändert) aufgeschrieben, in der er die dame ein paar anweisungen gibt, und schildert wie sich das ganze eventuell entwickeln kann. Geheimagent Morris (name geändert) hat offensichtlich spaß an seinem job. Was dann wirklich passiert ist, dass kannst du bestimmt in der komemnden zeit herrlich fett ausgeschrieben in den medien finden. Also: beim nächsten mal, vorher gut lesen!
Und: ich glaube schon dass die Uribier mehr wissen als du.
Mit freundlichen grüßen aus Terra Canaillo,
Joseph canaillo

AUI hat gesagt…

Na gut. Mir sagt ja nie einer was wirklich. :-(

John Sabin hat gesagt…

Dear Europeans!
It is oaky if you shoot around with weapons, but please watch your Dick!( when you are in the USA.
John Sabin

AuI hat gesagt…

Danke, John, für deine nützlichen Instruktionen. Wollen wir hoffen, die Zukunft entwickelt sich in deinem Sinn.