April 30, 2010

National Anthem of URIBISTAN ( official trailor)

Dearest Fränds!
I ama happy lika eagle who goes into heaven to hava found the old original national anthem ofa URIBISTAN. Please standa up and sing for our Holy Country!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy tchundyk


Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

correct attire while singing the National Anthem is standind upright, hand on your heart, jumping high at the end!

Maurulam hat gesagt…

Ja aber Liesel,
du besuchst uns schon weiter hier in Uribistan, oder?

AOEA hat gesagt…

Lang lebe Uribistan!!!
Eine schöne Melodie!!!

Grüsse von AOEA
(Lustige Wortbestätigung: "fuzzmkcr")

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely ladies!
I ama happy always whena you are visitin us here in Uribistan, your ardent Uribipeoples by now, some of you hava National Anthem now by heart. Uribistan is alive because of YOU! Thank you!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk
P.S. Aoea whena your knee isa okay you canna do Eurythmy to National Anthem anda puta ita on You Tube but i donta wanna put presure on you, Get wel soon.

AOEA hat gesagt…

Murat, was für eine Ehre auf Youtube was zu publizieren !!!nun, warten wirs mal ab...
Thanks a lot!