April 27, 2008


- Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt Blogheadz, Antropsfyboyz anda -girlz, dearezt Uribistanfanz! Sorry Barbara and all the otha girlz loving so much Herrmann the F*ck Finkelsteen! I know, you luv him, you dig him - but, for a very special job in the Uribi Midland Dessertz, he will be away till summer 08. He does very interesting and scientific investigationz about the sexlife of the Uribi-Kwalá. The Uribi-Kwalá is a kind of very rare dessert-bear. In 200 yearz we have reportz about only 27 male animalz. Now, Herrmann tries to find anda observe a female Uribi-Kwalá. Good luck herrmann, you lida bastard!
Long timez I could not write, firzt I had lotz of work with the liberation of Mo Slim. You know, he was in a prison in Jerusalem. After, with our good friendz Levi Stern anda Solomon the Big Ass-Jumper, we had nice vacationz on Waikiki-beach, payed by the generouz Tel-Aviv Swimm Conspiracy. Meanwhile I did succesfully investigationz in the MURAT CASE!
We could read a lot about Murat in the last months. I was on a secret mission in Moskwa, I followed trades in Africa, in a few countries Near-East and in Europe.
We will tell you the truth - it was horrible, the suffering of Murat! Something you did not know till now: in the Hamasheyk Institute lotz of clones were made of the Muratseed. After the real Muratseed disappeared, chaotic situationz grew in the Hamasheyk institute. We stand under pressure: the Uribistan gouvernment did not want to beginn a world war with the Russianz. In those dayz these clones were also lost! Horrible! So, most of the storiez you red about Murat, are storiez of his clones!! What happened to the real Murat? I can say one thing now: he was shipped to Europe in a special 'Uribi Carrotz Seed' 5 tonz delivery! The rest of the story, well for some earz, it might be too hard, too cruel, too pervers... You can read it in the next dayz on Terra Canaillo. The reason why? I can tell you: yes, Murat lives in New York and has a herbal shop, but... he has a girlfriend in Big Apple, helping him, financial, cultural, with mind anda also with whole body...: Jane!
Overstreamingz for you, Mat Gundo.
PS: ofcourse we will contribute to The Hopper Contest in Mondo Blogo!

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