April 28, 2008

One minute instant meditation Part 1

Magash my anthropsfysts bloghead fränds,
I hava no license anymore for my drugstore in Brooklyn becausa ofa forged Green Card. I ama now GURU in the Open Air in LOng Island ona beach. I AM THE WAY for your enlightenemnt. Californian Surf Boy Tom isa right I hava supernatural powers which canna change your life. Dropa out and stay tuned, let yourself plunge into my meditations. There will be more meditations comin. every week A Modul of enlightenemnt in four parts.
Your Guru Murat


Anonym hat gesagt…

great, dear Murat! guru business is an excellent choice!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Liesl,
thanx woulda you lika to share your experience doin the sea meditation. Dida you hava booty or spirit sensations? Was ita more fora electric booty pysiobooty, or Astro booty?
Pleasa feela free to express!
Your Guru Murat
P.S. How on earth dida paparazzi finda me carried by afroamericained disciples to the next Pizza Hut in Queens.
Some peoples py fora my meditatiomns. For you Antropsfyst blogheads I maka it for free, becausa I lova you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biga lickin kissas all over your facess. Magash and donta forgeta to meditate!
. Magash

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh Mahamurat - it was sooo whouw, all in one, one in all - all at once.
will you have a beachboy ashram on Marthas Vineyard this summer and can I join for a summer course?
PS: to hell with all those complicated booties and turning lotosbuds

Tom Mellett hat gesagt…

My very own and dearest and newest Guru on the planet of Earth during this present own sojourney within genesteded kernels of the Super-Mega Higher to Ultra-Deeper Lower Booties: that names: Ffisickalish Booty; Either-Or (or Maybe Not) Booty, Asparagus-Booty and Eggert-Organization (both Higher and Lower Eggerts here gesignified became!)

What a wonderful guya now in this time Thou art being! O Heavenly Murat, greatest Father of the Uribistani Pantheon, beg I Thee of to bestow please upon me the Blissful Blessings of Thine own ThereBeeinghood that I may one day in times futuristish as rich and famous and powerful as Thou art me to become to be able to.

Yet dare I even your name to outspeak? I am so now with Humble-Pie at the merest thought of Thee upgefilled, that I am totally in the tongues of thy praise speaking, an actualized gift of the Holy Spirit who at this one moment now me possesses.

I am ready Thy praises to be in hymns of my own making thereunto to be singing to have being at becoming to begin.


I love Thee, Murat the geMagnified of my Destiny There-Beeinghood
Since Rudolf Steiner some time ago me in huff behind geleft is,
Then is the Sadness with the Depression thereto in the Betweenness upmixed.

I am into my own inner half of Hole of Blackness downgefallen
And thus Happiness no more my Heart and Soul Gemood to be overflowing to having been become to be able to.

And straight therefore was I to be crying to having been gefounded to become.

But then immediately therewith is the newest sun of a new day high over above me gedawned became.

And in a cloud of white and fluffinesshood did I the Beautyfool Countenance of the wondrous up-the-other-side-gestaggered Murat the geMagnified Master of Such a Universe gesawen have, wherewithal Bliss, Equanilibrium, Happyfacednesshood and sheer without Doubt Delighttum throughout my There-Beeinghood so thoroughly like a sponge throughgedrenched that I am only cries of ecstasy, praise and honor to my newest Guru to have to become maken to be able to.

And now my old nottransgeformeded Eggert-Organization has to my new fullygetransformeded Eggert-Orgasmization to have become is.

And I am now very tired to have become
And must I direct to sleep --- but with a Smile on my Countenance --- to go.

Thus is the Murat forever and a day gepraised to be having been become!!!


Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Well my Uribi Brotha Murat! I thinka your time of livin' in the deepest secretz of the carot plant (anda ofcourse also the heavenly happiness you experienced on Terra Canaillo, I heard Joseph C. will write about it, he was hesitating to do so), well, all those thingiez made a real holy man of you. A TRUE SON OF OUR BELOVED URIBISTAN! Yes, Murat Brotha, just bring our great knowledge of all the beingz anda booties in the New World! Bring it to Bush, bring it to Obama, bring it to Woody Allen anda to Pamela Anderson! You already brought the Light to our friend Tom! With your help he was inspired by the Holy Uribi Ghost, with your inspiration he is enlightened. Holy, holy, holy! Holy Long Island, holy sea, holy ocean, holy city, holy skyscraper, holy Tom, holy Jane, holy Canaillo Tribe, holy you, holy Uribistan, holy me!
Total Holy Overstreamingz to Everybody, Mat Gundo

barbara hat gesagt…

ein tag in der schweinebucht;-)