April 11, 2008

Dearest lovely Bloghead Anthropsfysts,
I emigrated from Uribistan to Brooklyn,NY, USA witha my family. I opened up little shop where I sell rescribed drugs lika Taruwwakha Shaman drink to geta feel ofa nature, uribi poppis also white poppies froma The Lotuseater Don Michele, Aoea perfume, Goys black thorn cocktails, and demeter red bull froma Austria witha aspirin. But only you canna getta with Docs S. `s 8 also Ringa ding flower tea, californian angel love dust pills or biological dipers outa ofa weed plants called the herb by the afro americained gangstas)
Mat wanted to open with me in Aoeas house THE WILD CAROT SPECTACLE SHOW in a GoGoBAr, buta times are harda here recession time hits badly, no peoples, no consumers ona street lika ina Uribistan Hamasheyk. Peoples canta afford drugs and other stuff anymore also no cultur, anyway i ama offa Uribistan Daily too looka that business is rollin onwards so I canna giya my daughter good eduction free ofa bullshit. We willa see. Goodbye dearest lovely bunch ofa Anthropsfy Blogheadsscene.
See ya along the road! Ifa you are in Brooklyn coma and visita me in my shop and buy only prescribed drugs.
Yours frändly Murat
Post Scriptum: Yes last week I sold the some old scribts from Vana those americains buy and pay money everything whata isa old. Yes Americained surf Boys Tommy and Franky L.A. angels boughta scribt. Good money by the way, finances the babysitter.
POST POST SCRIBTUM I hava songa from Radio for Justin who isa the first time in Kuweit. Kuwait CITY


barbara hat gesagt…

ist ja interessant, habe ich mat und murat verwechselt? der verkleinerte singt gerade in aoeas hopper haus in erwartung der dinge, die sich tun werden, er hat damit die uribische shamanenmumie aufgeweckt. und nun verlässt der letzte des englischen mächtige diesen blog udn wir lesen nur noch deutsch;-)
es geschehen noch zeichen und wunder

AOEA hat gesagt…

Oh Murat,i am glad to find you here!
was fûr ein schöner shop!!!
da komme ich auch mal hin und stöbere!!
herzlich AOEA

Anonym hat gesagt…

Goodbye Murat!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Murat will you report about your immigrant life? where in NY is this somber pharmacy?
no news from Uribistan either, -riots, birdflu or drowning ?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Salam Liesel
everybooty is on holiday or on secret missions; I ama hhere witha Oksana the cleaning lady;
Murat hasa problem witha Green Card he boughta on Hamasheyk Bazzar; No good forgery I guess.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Salamaleikum Machmoud,
Murat has at drink at Canaillos bar and is chatting with Angie (in her famous cleavage dress) - perhaps she can arrange a diplomatic status for him and his family ?