November 07, 2008

40 years of Happy Beating !

-Mat Gundo reportz- Well, this picture is a kind of abstract image, isn't it? It is an icon of djerman history - today, 40 yearz ago, the brave Beate Klarsfeld slapped the old nazi Kurt Kiesinger, djerman kanzler, in his face. Wake up! thiz action says, wake up! Look at your dark brown history, see all those old nazis in thiz young djerman republic. Today, there are otha guyz who need to be slapped - ofcourse for otha reasonz, but maybe they wake up: Zumwinkel, Mehdorn, Bush & Cheney (only 78 dayz to do thiz), etc. etc...........
We need more Beate Klarfelds!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

We definetly need more Happy Beaters!
John Sabin, Denver, CO.