September 02, 2011

Our celtic co-workerz on Kamel Sutré Dayz are in big problemz, made by stupid flight-pussies

Magash! Firzt, for mista Gérard Dépardieu it was impossible to come to Uribistan Kamel Sutré Festival Weekz, because on his flight a flightservice-girly refused him to go on the toilet to maka lida bit of peeing. Also he had to piss in the gangway anda flight returned home. Very bad!
Now again on otha f*ckin' airlinez same thingy happened with great modern hero Obelixe ande hiz friend otha modern hero Azterixe. In the air, Obelixe was very hungry. Thiz is normal for great big hero. But it became almost kinda starvation for him. The bloody flight-pussy refused him to eat fine fresh wild boarz. He became very angry anda, kick-ass, plane crashed. I hope with their magix powerz they survive anda will arrive in our last week of Kamel Sutré Festivalz. They would do special erotix Celtic magix with wizzard-brew. Overstreamingz!


barbara2 hat gesagt…

man sollte französisch können

AuI hat gesagt…

Konnte ich früher mal.