September 28, 2011

Firzt International Footballgame: Uribistan, FC Cesena Hamasheyk, against FC Milano, Italy!

Magash! For our Free anda EverYoung Republic of Uribistan, thiz is a great event: firzt time we did international footballgame in land of Mister Penisconi, in Italy. It was great to see our boyz from FC Cesena Hamasheyk running on the field, nearly flying,their long beards flowing and making goalz 6 timez! We won with 6 to 2!! Thankz also to the NIVEA COMPANY sponsoring us to hava good coach anda good airplane anda nice hotel, coming to Italy! Overstreamingz!
PS: some readerz may wonder, why some of our great sportzmen from time to time throw their beardz on shoulder and on back: thiz is olde Uribi habit to show respect to the audience, anda feeling very happy. It's lika to put off your clothez, being naked anda vulnerable. A real Uribi Man's beard is holy.

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