November 25, 2010

Somewhere in Uribistan (2) - family picz

Dear readerz! For everybody reading my comment to 'Somewhere in Uribistan' (below), here I hava an olde, lida bit yellowed, picture from my firzt family picture book: here you see the real story! Thiz woman, Sméa Hûbla, the 48 yearz younger wife of Murats former neighbour Thufál Hûbli, was not only beautiful woman, but also strong woman. Afta my bastardbrotha Murat gave Thufál 70,- olde Uribi dollarz, to let his wife ploughing and doing his work in red tanga - she recognized the improper game, her husband became all the money for her work!  She locked up her old guy in the goatstable, leaving him there for three dayz, anda simply put our known Holyman Murat in front of the plough, let him do all the work. I saw those funny thingz happening before my eyez, laughed a lot, took my camera and shot this picture. Murat does not know this picture (sorry!). Afta doing the whole work, he was so tired, he felt asleep in the fieldz. Meanwhile I had nice evening and some more dayz with Sméa. It is long time ago, I was very very young then anda Sméa was lika great revelation of female activity for me.
Thüfál died long ago, now playing flute with the angelz in heaven.  Sméa went to Hollywood - but afta few yearz she came back, married again anda has now eight children anda 23 grandchildren.


AUI hat gesagt…

Hallo Maratchen,
das ist ja auch immer so eine Legende, dass Frauen, die von ihren Männern unterhalten werden, nicht arbeiten würden.
Genau so eine wie die, dass sie ihren Männern ihre Freiheit nehmen würden. Es kommt alles auf die Innere Haltung selbiger zur Beziehung an.

Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

organic farming!

Plus hat gesagt…

You are so mysterious. Bu I see it clear:
Thist ancient picture, it is on the other hand a Message from the Future in 1214:

She had an anti-material treatment in a CERN Wellness Stodio in Hollywalhalla, and the overstreaming golden Air was washed 2012 form Chemtrails. In Reality they are the secret Cropcircle-Artists and they inspired green river to serve the evolution with seminars called "ganz Mann-, ganz Frau- sein".

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Half brotha!
You coulda hava asked me before you publisha pics. everyone thinka now that I ama an organic softegg.
Dearest Mista Plus!
I canna asure you this woman hasa nuthin to do witha Cern. Cern isa not functioning at the moment. And ina Holywalhalla there isa no more money to do anti material treatment this woman isa nuclear sexbomb and any man with full functioning balls and cock woulda do willingly the ploughing. This isa only symbol for ploughing the soft terrain of mother earth.
This isa reuniting woman and man to one platonic ball rolling in ecstasy!
So be it in future and further future!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk

AUI hat gesagt…

Ach jetzt kapiere ich, jetzt kapiere ich, wo die Bilder mit den poppenden Katzen herkommen! Juhuuuuu! Ihr macht Hamasheyk Freiland- und Freikörperexperimente an Mensch und Tier! Na dann passt mal auf, wenn die in Zukunft wiederkommen als Menschen. Lieb sein!