November 18, 2010

Deadly dust - some more warcrimes of the Bushes et al.

Dearezt Readerz! You can find a link on the blogsite of our reader Plus, you can find it now also on Terra Canaillo. Now, we put thiz link on the Daily. This is a djerman documentary, it's in djerman language, sometimes people speak english. Thiz revealz some of the most unbelievable bullshit and stupidity, made by the western gouvernmentz in their war againzt, yes, againzt what? Thiz is about radio-active ammunition, and the heavy destructionz they bring into human life. One more reason to bring this super-warcriminal G.Bush and his administration (and some othas too) to the international court in Den Haag, Netherlandz.

To view on youTube, click here!

I hope, soon we hava also english subtitlez on it - so more peoplez can see it. If you see all those rubbish on youTube with millionz of clicks, anda here are only almost 20.000 on part 1, and on the otha partz only some 5000 of viewerz, it makes one very sad.

But there is also some positive thingy: in thiz documentation we learn to know a great and brave remarkable man: it's prof. dr. med. Siegwart Horst Günther. Meanwhile he is 85 yearz old. In his youth he was in the resistance againzt Hitler, he worked with Albert Schweitzer in Africa, and did a lot of research to discover thiz crime againzt humanity.
Doing thiz work with the radiocative materialz, he went ill too.  

We hava to stand up, anda maka a new peaceful revolution againzt those world-ruling, arrogant bastardz!


Plus hat gesagt…

Maria Thun:

Fladenpräparat gegen Radioaktivitie.

I know, this is no topict to joke about.

Plus hat gesagt…
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Plus hat gesagt…

Here comes the english Version:


AUI hat gesagt…

do you think it is good to mention this destroying spirit all the time? Conciousness is important, point for you. Only, when we write, it always intiates some effekt, and I do not want an effect on Asura. Why not saying it positively by talking about Christ, who loves us and does good for humankind.

Plus hat gesagt…

JA, kann sein, dasss es nicht gut ist, das anzusprechen. Ich versuche das ungeheuerliche zu begreifen. Ich schaue in die Welt und erkenne mich selbst. Selbsterkenntnis.

Ok, letz talk about the overstreaming Light.

Do you think in Iraqistan you could find it?

M(ar)at Gundo Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearezt Readerz! We are not living here in a Harry Potter Picture, being very anxious to speak out the name of the bad lord Valdemore. Here on the Daiuly, you can say and write everything - even some stupidities.

On one hand it's good to speak about spiritual influences in politix and economix, but, on the otha hand: for the victimz, the criminalz and the thing itself, it's equal there is a Mister Ahriman or someone else inspiring this bullshit. We have to react : being a socialist, an anarchist, an ecologist, an anthro, an Uribi man, etc. Give information about it, stop it, and bring those criminalz to the international court.

AUI hat gesagt…

Dear Marat,
that ist good what you say. And we set standarts now on how to behave concerning spirit. By the way, I was really worrying whether it ist good or not. There are lots of people reading us, I am sure a lot of people who work with spirit light.
Well I do think, god shows his love with every baby being born, and wherever we see love between people. The plants and the country. I see god loves Irak! His first love. The country of Adam and Eve and their lost Paradise...