November 20, 2010

Deadly Dust: an english version of the film about the warcrimes with uranium ammunition

Dearezt readerz in the whole world! In Europe, in these dayz in Djermanistan, the gouvernment makes a mess about 'islamistic terrorism'. Policeman have to work extra, anda as a normal citizen, you hava to look after guyz with long or short beardz, logage standing around alone, strange carz etc. Because: from Afghanistan anda Pakistan hundertz of trained Al Quaida guerilleroz are coming to Germany, over hundertz of 'sleeperz' live in Djermanistan, they can blow themselves up, if they want, anda some Mumbai Boys are drifting around, looking for kidnapping guyz lika Ackermann, blowing up bankz anda hotelz. This is very bad stuff: but, those realy very bad crimez, nobody is talking about. Those crimez, which are a danger for millionz of people: the warcrimez the USA anda some European countries did in Iraque, the use of atomic weaponz, uranium ammunition. Again we say: the whole Bushclan anda his administrationz, those criminalz againzt humanity, have to go to the international court in Den Haag.
Here we hava the film in an english version, watch it and say it loud, to everybody. Thanx! Overstreamingz and love, Marat Tchundyk Gundo

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Genauso steht es um die sog. "friedliche" Nutzung der Nuklarkraft. So etwas gibt es nicht, weil Nuklearkraft per se nicht friedlich ist. Und niemand weiss, welches Roulette die Russen mit ihrem und unserem Müll spielen, und was es da noch aufzuräumen gibt, wenn wir nacheinander die Waffen und die Stromproduktion abgeschafft haben werden.