November 16, 2010

For a cold anda dark Novemberday

Our Uribi-Djerman co-worker Herrmann F. lookz lida bit sentimental at our olde Uribi-Ambassador Goy in Berlin (God bless him!), gardening his magix plantz on his balcony. Well Herrmann, I feel with you, it's November, it's cold anda rainy. We musta find something which maka us joyful and colorful again, lika hot bath to jump in. I invite you (anda our readerz) to looka back much more yearz, almost 33 yearz, here we hava the right musix: it's filled with energy, joy, perfect playing, happiness, making our soulz warm, it's very intensive, a great stage presence, it's magix anda theatre, it's here and now, yes, thiz is lida bit Uribistan! Hear it and see it, play it loud, anda leave your PC-place behind you, dancing anda jumping around, alone or with the one you love! Hava lotz of good overstreamingz!


M C hat gesagt…

Krass, wot does this Freak make thru in 11 Minutes! Bathing in all-one-filled timeless over Streams. It must have been a diffrent Timezone 33 years ago.

AUI hat gesagt…

MC, do Japanese People also say: Krass? That's cool!