September 02, 2008

Great Uribi Mysterion found in Los Angeles

-Mat Gundo reportz- Dearezt readerz! In our Free anda Everyoung Republic of Uribistan we have 7 Great Mysterionz, 52 Middle Mysterions anda 365 Lida Mysterionz. Ofcourse all our Uribi inhabitantz are also kind of mysterionz (now we hava 2.576.437 inhabitantz, an increase of 32 %, this is work of those rabbits in the Uribi Lowlandz). Well, the Great Mysterionz are very great and secret (more secretly as the highly secret 52 Middle Mysterionz). Each of them is responsible for energy and dynamicz in social, cultural etc. life. From time to time those Mysterionz get unveiled, this is that normal peoplez can see they are still there, they are real truth!

We are very happy, anda very proud, that in these dayz (after examination by our Shamanic Council), we can declare that The High Secret Kamel Sutré Mysterion - which gives us energy, dynamics, anda real deep knowledge of our earthly life, has been unveiled! The powerz of kamel Sutré worked deep in our world, and they materialized themselves. It happened in a garden in Los Angeles - and karmic forces made that Tom Mellett - we all know him from the Egoizt Tribe Site - was The Great Unveiler. Thank you Tom, destiny made his choice!

Why in this city with this hierarchic name? Why Los Angeles? Why in USA? Yes, this is the work of our great Guru anda Holy Man Murat Joy Tchundyk.

Now you may ask: why he himself doesn't know anything about it? Because it's the unegoistic love he spreads over America. With his singin', acting anda meditating, he creates the Cosmic Condition for new supra-material-spiritual worldlove thingiez.
1) we hava great spiritual world, 2) we hava great HH Murat TChundyk, doing deeds of love in USA 3) we hava peoplez which are great followerz of Tchundyk. This all togetha makes it possible for a Great Mysterion to appear in our world. To send a visible message.
For me also, it is wonderfull! Under this sign I can improve my Kamel Sutré techniques. And: we are sure, in the coming final Guru Battle (I think our friendz on Terra Canaillo will write about it), we will reach the highezt regionz.

The Shamanic Council decided to publish first picturez of the Mysterium in the
tomorrow edition of The Uribistan Daily. We publish also partz of original letter of Happy Tom, dizcovering The Mysterion.


Anonym hat gesagt…

bliss, bliss
thänx, thänx
supra supaaaaa!!!

Michel Gastkemper hat gesagt…

Dear Mr Gundo,
I believe you’ve forgotten one important condition why Mr Mellet has been chosen: he is since Bastille Day over sixty (see One has to have the age for this. Don’t forget that.
Michel Gastkemper

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh yes, age and distinction are necessary; I excuse for my teeny style exclamations

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearezt Guestcamperboy! Yes, indeed, a (wo)man must have a certain age, a certain wisdom, to obtain such a great honour, such a great blessingz!
Well, let us wait!Thiz afternoon, we will see The Great Mysterion!
Overstreamingz for you, Mat Gundo
PS: your link did not work!

Michel Gastkemper hat gesagt…

Why not? That’s a new Mysteron! Try this: and choose Kirmes in Düsseldorf. Or go to and choose Kirmes in Düsseldorf (13.Jul.2008 00:55 Uhr).
Michel Gastkemper