September 17, 2008

Radio Uribistan goes television: HH Murat walks on waters!

Radio Uribistan - Dearezt Peoplez! Dearezt Readerz! Again we are very happy, for two reasonz: Mo Slim made his firzt television contribution for Radio Uribistan! It is a fine documentary about, and thiz is second reason to be so happy, walking on the waters by our beloved Holiness Murat Joy Tchundyk! He also showed thiz masterpiece-miracle in guru battle in Queens - now he shows us this great, super-dramatic wonderthingie! Thanks, Mo, for bringing us this great moment on television. Just enjoy it and follow HH Murat! (PS: Mo, Murat forgives you stealing one of his holy shoes).

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barbara hat gesagt…

nett, umgedreht bevor das wasser die hosenbeine erreichte, warum muss man ihm aber die puschen klauen?