September 03, 2008

The Great Mysterion Unveiled: The Double Helix Lovecarrotz

-Murat Gundo reportz so happily- Dearezt Readerz, dearezt Uribi citizens in our Free anda EverYoung Republic of Uribistan, dearezt Uribi peoplez in the wide wide world! Today, on this September 3 in 2008 we hava great (inter)national party: The Unveiling of the Great Mysterion of Kamel Sutré. Thankz to the great Tom Mellett, our new 23-Guardian-of- the-Great-Mysterion-of-Kamel-Sutré, he found it in his bio-dynamical garden, thankz also to the mystic Big Carrot powerz of HH Murat Joy Tchundyk (we remember his transformation in a carrot, his disappearance, and his victory over all the elemental forces), thankz also to the mystic higher worldz, which have given us this symbol of truth!
Let us read the story of Happy Tom, he wrote it to HH Murat, he road it also to his generous tribe masta of The Egoizt Triba:

"Tom Melletts Entdeckung der zwei Wundermoehren in Los Angeles

O heiligster Murat Joy, mein beliebender Guru durch alle Zeiten und nachatlantische Epoche! Hier folgt mein demuetiger Bericht ueber meine Entdeckung der zwei Wundermoehren.

Jeder Abend ezaehle ich meinen Moehren im Garten eine Gutenachtgeschichte. Vor kurzem haben sie mir durch die Elementarwesenssprache erzaehlt, dass sie die Heldentaten der edelen Uribi-Moehren hoeren moechten. Also beschrieb ich so gut ich konnte eine Geschichte, aber um erhrlich zu sein, muss ich gestehen, dass ich wirklich keine Ahnung von der Uribimythologie habe. So kurz gesagt, erzaehle ich jede Nacht meinen Moehren irgendeine erfundene Geschichte.

Nichtsdestotrotz ist diese erstaunliche Uribi-Wirkung (Uribi Effect) -- mangels eines besseren Wortes --- erstanden, als ich heute morgen diese zwei ineinander verschlungenen Moehren aus dem Erdboden im Garten herausgezogen habe. Prima vista dachte ich dass sie ein DNS-doppelhelix darstellten, dann sahen sie mir wie siamesische Zwillinge aus, aber endlich erkennte ich dass diese zwei wundersame Moehren sich ineinander verliebt sind. Sie sind wirklich unsere Lehrer der Liebe!..."


".. Guru Murat Joy. Ich biete Dir, mein Murat dear, dieses Moehrenpaar als Tribut an.

Dein sehr liebender und sinngetreuer Anhaenger,

Hollywood Tom Mellett

Los Angeles, CA.."

From thiz day on, every year we have the great ceremony of The Kamel Sutré Carrots. It is Carrot Day in Uribistan! But now, we maka party the whole week long, witha lotz of Kamel Sutré. New powerz are sinkin' down on earth, on Uribi earth!

At least, we give our dearezt readerz this fine picture, in the way the carrots were found in Happy Tom's garden - yes, they are man and wife, they have excellent forms - a real loving couple in one of the more complicated Kamel Sutré variationz:


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

An old Uribi prophecy is becomin finally true. I cry and laugh at the same time. The days are near......
I cant:
I sprinkle my lovedust over L.A. and Hamasheyk a Chymical Wedding as it happened with .....we wonta maka money and sella the secret
I break down complete with JJJJJJJOYYY!!!!!

His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk
Tom you did it! We did it! Its revolution!

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh, what a revelation!
(great luck neither AOEAS horse nor my dog (both carrot eaters) were around...)

I bow in praise of the miracle!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Magash! My dearest High Holiness Murat Joy, Guru of all gurus, Carrot Supreme of all Carrotz Sublime!

I am filled with such bliss that I have never before experienced. I am so happy now I might die and never know it. This is true ecstasy of existence and I remain in deep rapture, wondering why the mighty forces of divinity chose me to discover the Uribi Mysterion.

Tell me oh wise and all-loving Murat, the Great and Sublime Carrot-Man of our New Millennium, Why oh why was I chosen to be the Unveiler of this Great Miracle of Your Love? Could it be because in my wild and misspent youth, I would try to lift up the robes of beautiful eurythmy ladies to unveil the mysteries of their astral and etheric bodies? I never understood why they would get so angry at me just for my natural astral curiosity!

And yes, I humbly accept the position you offered me, that of Uribi Ambassador to the United States. I am already scouting locations in Hollywood where we can build our great Uribi Embassy in order to have those great parties and receptions. But my second priority as ambassador will be to close a movie deal here in Hollywood.

And now I must tell you the studio I have chosen, well actually the studio has chosen us through this might destiny carrot pair. You see, where I live in Los Angeles, I am of course surrounded by the greatest of movie studios, for example, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, just to name the Big 4. Now destiny placed the Carrot pair in a geographical location which is closest to one studio and that studio is Warner Brothers.

Who is the most famous Warner Brothers character of all time? None other than that Great Rabbit who eats nothing but carrots: the one and only Bugs Bunny!!! Now let us read the signs of the times. Just the other day our beautiful and beloved Bloggerin Foersterliesel wrote on her blog about rabbits and she even put up a picture of Bugs Bunny!!! So you see, destiny is continuing its sacred weaving in our lives.

And now I present to you a You Tube video of Bugs Bunny starring in his remake of perhaps the most wonderful movie ever made by Warner Brothers, which is “Casablanca” made in 1942, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Peter Lorre, et al.

It is called: CARROTBLANCA

Here is the cast list with the actors in the movie and then in the Bugs Bunny version


Rick Blaine------------ Humphrey Bogart---------Bugs Bunny
Ilse Lund----------------Ingrid Bergman-----------Kitty Cat
Victor Laszlo-----------Paul Henreid------------Sylvester the Cat
Capt. Louis Renault----Claude Rains -------------Pepe Lepew
German Maj, Strasser -- Conrad Veidt----------Yosemite Sam
Signor Ugarte-----------Peter Lorre----------------Tweety Bird
Piano Player Sam-------Dooley Wilson------------Daffy Duck
Radio Announcer-----Jean del Val---------Foghorn Leghorn

Yes, my dear beloved guru Murat Joy, the Carrot revolution is certainly underway.

In deepest devotion love and service,

Tom Mellett

„Eh, what’s up, doc?“ ---- Bugs Bunny to Rudolf Steiner

Anonym hat gesagt…

"destiny is continuing its sacred weaving in our lives"

those revelations about Bugs Bunny are rreeeeallly smashing!!!
waiting for further revelations!

in astral curiosity

Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulations, Tom
Thanks for the story