September 25, 2008

About HH Murat Joy Tchundyk

-Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt readerz! As I can see, you all lika to comment about this funny asshole in Finkelsteen's last post, talking about leasing contractz. I know, thiz is also an important part of life, leasing cars, borrowing money from the bank to buy your house, your newezt laptop, your worldwide-tv-screen, a streaming-style refrigerator, etc. But: more important to read, coming in real Uribi life, is thist last great thingy that HH Murat Joy Tchundyk did: walking on waterz. Lotz of peoplez saw the documentary by Mo Slim, but we had only one comment: everybody went silent, facing thiz great miracle done by our great Murat. For those, who didn't have seen it at the right site on the Daily, there is a link to Murat's contribution for PMP. Well, just click here, and you have got it immediately.

Another nice surprise we will bring you at September 29th, the Day of St. Michael: on this day Murat is visiting his very old spiritual mentor anda master Mr. Ulfat Gigili, one of the oldezt and greatezt shamanz in Uribistan (if you look at firzt posts on the Daily, you can read about him). Ulfat Gigili lives in a hidden, old cabin. It is a thrilling event: you never know Ulfat's reactionz: sometimes he screams and throws out everybody, otha times he is very gentle, drinking tee, smoking fine Uribi Anauh Iram, he is getting in trance, seeing Uribi elementarz, anda if he is in a fine mood he is making some Uribi folklore basic-musix with his guestz. Well, just wait, for the firzt time Uribi television will make a lida video of it. Overstreamingz, Mat Gundo.


Mrs. K. hat gesagt…

Dear Mr. Gundo,
sorry for not commenting this great
documentary of Mo Slim!!
I was so deeply impressed by
HH Murat Joy Tchundyk really walking on water that I didn't find the words to comment. Sorry again!!
Looking foward to the 29th
Yours Mrs.K.

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Mat,
walking on water isa not such miracle as it used to be back then in Roman Times. It isa some kind of blessing all the elementals to aska for help!
Yours worried Murat Sadie King of melancholy Tchundyk

Anonym hat gesagt…

Frog meditation is convincing!
Lets frog!
by the way: your new shiny cap is reeeally smashing!