April 26, 2011

Some Balkan ritez, shown by the great artist Marina Abramović - are lika springritez in Lowlandz of Uribistan

Magash! One of the greatest living artists today is the serbian performance-artist Marina Abramović. Since the 1970's she did lots of intensive performances - making her body to an instrument, in sometimes very dangerouz anda exhaustive situationz.  Her work is related to her country, his history, to politics, to borderline situations of the inner life and the relation to other peoplez.

For a few yearz she made a lida film about sexual and fertility ritez in Balkan. Some of thiz ritez are also known in the Lower-Uribistan regionz (that's where my bastardbrotha HH Murat was born), there we call them Spring-Ritez. I thinka it's nice to show the Marina picture. Miss Abramovic is nearly 65 yearz old, but still a very strong and beautiful woman. I can imagine that doing Uribi Kamel Sutré with her, would be very cozmic and going through highz and dephts of the soul anda body!

Enjoy thiz film, anda maybe you taka look in your region: it's possible you will finda also some ritez. Ask your farmer and neighbourz!

Post Scriptum: magash again, lida naughty readerz! We ara not responsible for picz and for you, looking the fine erotix films showed in the lida framez at the end of thiz video! Thiz is your decision. Nevertheless: lotz of overstreamingz!

black-white picture above: (c) Martin Schoeller


Serena V. hat gesagt…

Sehr unterhaltsam!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Yes the Balkan Ritez are very powerful, but not as powerful as our Uribi Ritez.
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchuindyk

AUI hat gesagt…

Ja hallo liebe Serena, schön dass du deinen Genuß hast.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hast Du keinen Genuss?
Servus Frans

AUI hat gesagt…

Lieber Frans,
ach, eigentlich will ich nicht klagen. Aber auf Monate hinaus wird es nur um so Plackereien und weiteren Geldmangel gehen... Und seit Jahren nur darum, sich in der Zukunft etwas aufzubauen - bisher leere Versprechen!
Manchmal gibt es aber auch kleine Lichtblicke dazwischen. Ein paar gute Freunde hab ich schon dazugewonnen, es handelt sich um das kleine Grüppchen das ich dafür will, und auf die ist dann aber auch Verlaß wenn man sie mal braucht. Das ist schon schön.

Fresh Franky hat gesagt…

I foun an other occult Ritus here:


Fresh Franky hat gesagt…

Where does this come from? Do you know the roots?

AUI hat gesagt…

Hey Fresh Franky,
I could only see what the paradise warrior was doing, she seemed happy... Did not fight against anything at all.
I always wanted to be happy...