April 03, 2011

It's springtime: let's talkabout otha thingies for only one lida moment: in a lost corner of Uribistan, we hava real women!

Magash to everybody reading The Uribistan Daily! In these horrible dayz of atomic desaster anda fightz in Libya, we wanna do something else, just for a few minutez, relaxe yourself! Today, we lika to show you video of the earthy, pure, mature and nature-women of our 'Ost-Friesland' in Uribistan: The Tirolistan District. Tirolistan is a small anda almost forgotten part of our beloved Uribistan. But it's funny, lida bit behind the woodz, with nica jodling musix anda active sexy women, doing everything what's in the mind of Uribi men. The women here acting, they have organised them in lida tee &  cake-circles called 'ÖVP-Tirolistan-Women' (in their dialect: Frauen). Please, dearezt readerz, don't be angry with us, having no subtitlez here - we hope, if you don't unsterstand this primitive Uribi dialect, you hava enough fun looking at the girlz.  Enjoy our women! Overstreamingz, Mat Tchundyk Gundo

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Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

ursprünglich ironisch intendiert, hats dann mit der Ironie nicht so richtig hingehaut, - aber der Typ mit der Bierflasche ist ubiquitär