April 05, 2011

An Uribi Mystery Play - Fighting against the Nuclear Dragon

Dearezt readerz! In Uribistan we hava also an old tradition, the tradition of performing Mystery Plays. A mystery play is an act of initiation; it is taking the road  inside yourself, going through the circles of hell, fighting with the dragon in you, release the dragon and viewing your higher self and the godz who did maka the heavenz and earth.

In thiz time of great cruelties against humanity, made by those who put atomic power plantz all over the world, playing with radioactivity without knowing what to do, we made some new ritual for our Mystery Play. It's fighting with the dragon of nuclear power. Anda lotz of headz will roll: those headz of the responsible persons, the responsible criminals, playing with planet earth. These men, the leaderz of those companies, killing nature, killing people, are the headz of this horrible dragon. We hava to cut them off. Ofcourse thiz is a play, a Mystery Play, to find yourself, it's a very serious play. Wake up people, all over the world: no more nuclear energy, no more killing of our beautiful earth, no more killing of the oceans, no more killing of our children! Do something!
Overstreamingz, Marat Tchundyk Gundo.


Frans Neugebauer hat gesagt…

Ein Michaelskampf dem ich mich gerne anschliessen. Hopp hop hopp
hauet ab dr Kopp!
Frans Neugebauer

barbara2 hat gesagt…

da wachsen ja für einen gar keine 7 nach?
sagte nicht schon rudi: blut ist ein ganz besonderer saft?