April 08, 2011

America today (2): the story of James Yee, former US-army captain and chaplain in Guantanamo Bay

Thiz is a true story from the more anda more Fascistic States of America. James Yee is a 3th generation Chinese  American, he converted to islam in 1991. He was in the West Point Military Academy (for die hards) and went as a US-army chaplain to Guantanamo. Yee is a real American and a serious moslim. But on the way home for a little vacation with his family he was arrested and accused to work for Al Quaida. James Yee tells his story, and gives some insight in Guantanamo. His english is very clear, so our Djermanistani visitorz can also understand most of the thingz he says. Thiz video has been made in 2008. Now we hava 2011 anda mista Obama is president. Guantanamo still exists. Shame on you, Obama: no, you can't.

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