Januar 24, 2011

Uribistan is the Center (2): "angeben"

Dearezt readerz! You might hava read our last post below, about all viewingz of The Daily in wide worldz. We did thiz afta post from Egoizt Tribe about 'angeben'. 'Angeben' is a djerman word, anda it means something lika 'boasting' or 'acting up' or 'putting on the dog'. Well, in our great Uribi language we don't hava word for thiz! We hava something lida bit in thiz direction, if you tranzlate it, it is lika: he is a five dayz pussyjumper. Ofcourse, for you people in rest of world, thiz expression is totally nutz anda strange. But if we say thiz to someone, well, he knows what is happening in the room, anda putz his hat deep over his earz anda eyez anda goes away! Okay, maybe it is something very different from 'angeben'. Sorry.
But today! Today, we lika also to maka angeben! We angeben you site from google in Arabic internet space (ofcourse thiz is great space, much bigga as djerman space. Yes, angeben!) Anda in thiz special big great space we are NUMBER ONE if you giva following wordz: sexy djerman! Here it is! We can angeben too! Overstreamingz!


Michael Eggert hat gesagt…

Angeben ist geil.

محمد شين، دبي hat gesagt…

الجنس الألمانية جيدة جدا في صحيفتكم.
Achtung لجميع القراء الترجمة العربية جوجل.
محمد شين، دبي

Handen Sha Lukbri hat gesagt…

Dear brother and friend Marat,
maybe, you don't remember me, my name is Handen Sha Lukbri - we visited primary school together, before your parents went to another country. From time to time I like to read your Uribistan Daily, remembering long times ago the hills of Wakú Valley and the young breasts of Sarina.
Hurrah for you, being number one with Djerman Sex in Arabic internet space! But, can you explain me what kind of guy you have in your Daily administration? Is this Herman Finkelsteen an Uribi man? Does he has the right to insult our use of Uribi english? Is this a djerman in Uribistan? Just there to make 'angeben'?
Before I forget it: I laughed a lot reading you trying to find an expression similar to 'angeben' in our Uribi language. 'He is five days pussyjumper' :-))
Do you remember the father of Rado, the old Grio Tra? He was a 10 days pussyjumper! :-)))
Hope to see you one day! From Massachusetts, USA, yours Handen Sha Lukbri

Hermann Finkelsteen hat gesagt…

@ Lieber Don Michele das stimmt!
@ Lieber Mohamed Shin aus Dubai danke , dass Dir mein sexy Djerman gefällt!
@ Dear Mr. Lukbri!
I am not a friend of Uribi English indeed. I think it is disgraceful, but I am happy our Uribi brothers are not writing in Uribi Djerman, then I would have to resign and take up a job i.e. at Info 3.
Herrmann Finkelsteen
P.S. Yes we rock the arabic world!

AUI hat gesagt…