August 04, 2009

Join our Cuckoo Demonstrations! Support Uribistan!

Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt readerz, dearezt supporters of a Free anda EverYoung Uribistan! Thank you so very much, we are very happy for supporting us, and helping my friend Murat Joy Tchundyk coming out of the bloody handz of the banditz of Chök Hak. Particularly great thanks to Woodgirl, Maurulamgirl anda now also AOEA-girl for helping HH Tchundyk and giving him good treatment! On Terra Canaillo you can read some inside newz about the thingz now happening in Uribistan. Yes, after all, it was no good idea to help Chök Hak - he changed some important factorz on our HUH-experiment in Hamasheyk. It was a bad thing. It was some karma I still have from also bad timez in my atlantic inkarnation. But now thiz problem is solved. We will fight Chök Hak and all otha enemies of a free anda EvereYoung Uribistan! We use theatre, music, actionz, demonstrationz, cuckoo-magix, natural nakedness, with lotz of peace, fun anda happiness. Enjoy us! Come to Uribistan - anda, if thiz is impossible: MAKA CUCKOO DEMONSTRATION IN YOUR COUNTRY, PLACE, VILLAGE ! Just copy our Cuckoo-symbol anda make great poster! Go naked, go free for a New Uribistan!
Overstreamingz to Everybody!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ooooooch, aber Mat, wieso bekämpfen? Was macht denn der Chök Hak noch mit euch? Was kann ereuch tun? Und vor allem, gibt es denn gar nichts Gutes, was der Mann an sich haben könnte? Dass man noch brauchen könnte irgendwann?

Francis hat gesagt…

Great! Terrific! Fantastic & mad, dear Mat!

best wishes, Francis

Anonym hat gesagt…

Toll, alles phantastisch. Nun muss nur noch der Chök Hak mitmachen.