August 05, 2009

Bill Clinton visitz also Chök Hak.

Mat Gundo reportz - What the hell is happening in our beautiful country? After visiting Kim Jong il in N-Korea, mister Clinton is visiting our almost-dictator Chök Hak! (read also Terra Canaillo, in Djerman) And look at those guyz behind him: all kindz of CIA anda Ex-Mossad types. The girly right on the pic is Trung Lâ. For a while she did some Kamel Sutré classes, but then she left our basic-camp in the Highlandz. Her family is not very kosher: collaborationz with the sowjetz, dealingz with all kindz of weaponz, money anda drugiez! From yesterday on, she is a new minister for tourism. Thiz is a disaster! Let us go on with big and beautiful Cuckoo-Demonstrationz! Viva la Fuerza de Cuco!

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