Juli 31, 2008

The Summerhole: amazing story about Green Lida River!

Mat Gundo Reportz! - Dearezt readerz! It is again amazing anda remarkable, all the thingiez Green Lida River does to be the great champion in the fantastic Guru Battle in Queens! After copying sit-in happenings from the 60's movement, now he covers his shiny skinny-head with a longhaired black wig, talking in a bad Swiss-German dialect, making a program for FunkhausAppenzell in co-production with Chanel 2 of our Uribistan TV! What the hell is going on here? Which asshole, which stump foot, which whiner bringz hím on Uribi TV, anda does not bring our beloved Uribi brotha HH Murat Joy Tchundyk? Can you tell me why?? Some friendz of us gave us the tapez - here is one of them, here he speaks about solving all problemz. The otha tape is on Terra Canaillo. First our dear friend Joseph heard about it, immediately he gave us this material. One thingy: after hearing this, you know lotz of creepy stuff about paradise. Overstreamingz!


AOEA hat gesagt…

Halloo Du Märchenerzähler!!!

wenn schon Vergleiche, dann aber exakt bitte!!

Hänsel und Gretel konnten den Weg zurück nihct mehr finden, denn die Vögel des Waldes hatten alles aufgepickt!!!!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Unglaublich dreist diese Verkleidung!!!!
Servus frans neugebauer