Juli 08, 2008

Somebooty is doin s.th. slick

Dearest lovely Anthropsfy blogheads
I listened recently to Johnny Guitar Watson, where he says justa before Reagan era that something is slick going on. You canta pay for your rent, education is expensive, oil is expensive and even rice here in the USA are rationed. You are workin your arse off anda you donta geta anything, but on the other hand you are justa wonderin whena you looka on street all those beautiful cars Offroaders. Some people are freakin rich others hava nuthin justa arounda corner. I lika text so I perform for people today. Some people are justa foolin around with us normal blogheads!!!!!!!!
Be active and aware donta buy the bullshit they try to sell us in the media, donta buy drugs lika ritalin for the unruly youth they hava good reason to be nervous about the future!
Pour la resistance! Yo brothas and Sistas
Your holiness
Murat Joy Tchundyk


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ja, schon scheisse wenn man dasselbe arbeitet wie alle anderen es aber keine Früchte trägt. Da ist schon was faul.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Murat,
what's up? Could you really help some of the hungry kids? Will we hear about you soon?