Juli 06, 2008

Summerfeelings 2008 with FUEGO from Bucarest

Today i wenta to beach to do my meditationexercises and suddenly there wasa Uribi Party on beach from our Uribi brothers and Sistas out ofa Bucarest. Greät girls, greät music and greät summerfeeling 2008:
mAgash yours Murat Joy Tchundyk
P.S. Thisa music maka me homesick for the Uribi Lowlands.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Murat,
why don`t you come home to Uribistan as soon as you`ve got the money, and explore the Baquiri Falls or another interesting place?

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Hello all peoplez! Here is MAT GUNDO commenting in his own daily newspaperz. Long time I was gone - for metaphysical reasonz I could not do so much on earthly levelz. Well, I thinka you all will read more if the Canaillo Triba will write about the amazing end of the Guru battle in Queens. Dear brotha Murat Joy, I think it is good for your followerz, you will stay lida bit more in NY. It is also good for you to develop from simple goat-farmer to a real worldminded guru.I am very proud of you anda also of Herrmann the F*ck Finkelsteen managing The Daily in such a good anda fine way! Thanx a lot! Ofcourse, if I coma back, I will show how to maka big Maha Kamel Sutré witha Rose Popaye-girl.
In this moment I am here with the Canaillo tiba in South of america, afta being a few weekz in Mexiko on special spiritual tourz. Now, Canaillo Triba invited me here. It is amazing here: I can writa on super pc with super screen in a fine stone anda wooden house of over 800 square meters surface in the middle of big subtropical parkz. In the swimming pool here I can develop realy big overstreamingz feelingz for everyone anda whole worldz!
Loz of Overstreamingz, your Uribi Brotha Mat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Mat,
you know I love you, but be realistic!
Are you sure you are doing good to Murat? Let him be Murat and not somebody else he is definitely NOT.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Mat,
I can follow you guys up one after the other. Now do you take a bath in canaillos swimming pool? We have such good weather.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ist das der Sohn von Milosevic?
Gesine Pertovic