Juli 02, 2008


Uribistan Daily reports- Murat Joy Tchundyk interviews Rose Popay the bearer of the annual Uribi Woman Summer of Love 2008. Sponsored by the free and ever young Uribi people.

Dearest lovely Rose Popay,
MJT: What was your first dream, you can ever remember?
RP: i think it was walking and crawling and running through big long winding tunnels, there were steps and exciting characters it was dark, yet full of colour. the tunnels were very old and wet but also dry and crumbling, i was trying to get to the top but the top never existed.

MJT: If you are on stage you hava stage fright?
RP: i hardly ever go on stage as the theatre characters i do are called walk about,- we wander around so the world is our stage! this is good because if people are laughing i can stay and if they dont ingage then i can walk off!..but yes when i do have to do something on the stage i have lots of butterflys in my tummy, and sometimes a whale.. The theatre i do is spontanious, improvised so i dont have to learn lines...i like this!

MJT: Is being british a lifestyle or more a handicap?
RP: its amazing to have such support to be able to explore ones creativity, although i think the whole western world concentrates to much on money success and celeberaty culture. people are too busy working, pushing paper , paying bills, having fake tan and boob jobs. we should spend more time sitting in the garden and watching the flowers untwirl!

MJT: One of our readers has the question whether you read Jane Austen?
RP: i hardly every read anything,..to busy colouring in! mind you i have written 80000 words of my life story...but i havent even read that!!

MJT: If you had to go on Island, which book, music CD and DVD woulda you take with you?
RP: id take a sketch book, as for music it would have to be a double cd of a music mix!dvd...wizard of oz maybe

MJT: How do you picture your process of getting old?
RP: i often think i wont live until im very old, mind you i thought id never make 21! i imagine and hope i will be like my mum and be able to relax be exentric with style- and hope i dont get too fat and be physically ok. i would hate to be a cabbage and be a burden. i hope i will still feel sexy and alive!

MJT: What was the most embarassing thing you experienced?
RP: when i had to dress up as an elephant at a football match, some kids played and chased me, then pulled my tail, then again and again. i went around the crowds waving and getting my photo taken in this elephant suit. kept hearing people talk about knickers and pants then realised that the children had pulled my tail so hard the suit ripped and my big bum and pants were poking out of the costume for all to see. i/the elephant ran back to the dressing room.

MJT: Are you interested in spirituality, God or Anthropsfy?
RP: yes . i strongly belive in the spirit that fills our bodies, i love wondering about the cosmos and all life force.

MJT: Would you like to go to Greenland and save seals or whales?
RP: no i couldnt be bothered.

MJT: Who would you like to be?
RP: ive very glad to be me, although it can be hard at times. i cant think of anyone that would suit me more than me!

MJT: Arobella the person you played in your You Tube is this a real person you had in mind or was it a mix of many?
: not a real person but a real feeling.....

MJT: Which is your favourite character you played?
i do like being my tart because its fun to be over sexy like marilyn monroe

MJT: Would you like to visit Uribistan?
of course

MJT: What was the moment you felt like the happiest person on earth?
RP: often at glastonbury festival with good friends beautifull sun sets pumping good tunes, grass underfoot(or mud) people dancing and laughing, surrounded by adults playing.

MJT: Last Question Rose Popay how did this name coma to you?
RP: my mum and dad were hippies and performers... my mum said when i was born i had lips like a rose bud...i was going to be called rose ivy popay after my grandma ivy but she said no as my initials would be R.I.P.! (Rest In Peace)

Vür Djermans ( Goys and others....) gehts HIER weiter!!!!
Djerman Translation by Herrmann Finkelsteen

Everybooty is thanking everybooty.
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Kerstin hat gesagt…

Na endlich!!!! Das Interview!
Danke, Murat!

Joseph Canaillo writes from a land called Misiones (Argentina) and hat gesagt…

Dearest Murat Joy Tchundyk! Very good the Popay thing. If we were not here, very down under, well, we would visit her and invite her to Terra C. North.
By the way: does Rose know, you are one of the greatest living Gugurus, and does she know Mat Gundo and his Kamel Sutré?
In this time we are in Argentina, in a country district, called: MISIONES! (not a joke!)
Full of woods and waters: cascades, big rivers and green little rivers. Yes, this is the land from GLR. Wenn we are back we will write about it!
All the best from Misiones,
Joseph C.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Cool! Schaut doch mal bei mir vorbei nachher, ja?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Interesting new artist. Is she going to be the next Madonna Pop Icon?
John Sabin, Denver, CO