Mai 23, 2008


- mat gundo reportz - Dearezt readerz, great overstreamingz again! We love to see you are here hearing anda seeing great teachingz of new uribi-anthropsfix guru, my dear Uribi Brotha Murat Tchundyk. I can say to you all, he is doing fine anda feeling very good in his new home US of A. Afta his disappearance he went with Jane (yes, Jane from Terra Canaillo!) to the States. I think Jane makes it possible for him to receive green card anda stay there - being guru anda having his lida booksellers- anda mumbo djumbo-shop! Till now on Terra Canaillo they did not tell the true story of disappearance of Murat (well, I think most of you don't think about it anymore!), but I will ask Joseph C to write it down for you - it must be!
Ofcourse the teachingz of Murat here are not the whole stuff he let you know, he can offer to you. You must go in his speechez anda satsangz to hear more anda feel energy anda knowledge from heart to heart! He told me that first thing he wants on this site, is that peoplez feeling lucky and good. Just be one in God, etc. My good canaillo friend Joseph C. told me, that in next never-ending-tale-episode he talkz about special Guru Fair in Queens (NY), witha Mumbo Djumbo anda meditationbattle (ofcourse all spiritual anda with love) between Brotha Tchundyk anda Green Lida Riva! Well, I can't wait long to read thiz!
O yes: on 24th of May Lida Green Riva gives cozmic party for his dissiplez anda followerz anda friendz. Just enjoy it! Maka great event of it! (By the way: I tranzlated Emissionz!)
Yes, I haven't forget it: the pic above! No, we are not memberz of The Tel Aviv Swimm Conspiracy (sorry to our good and marvelous friendz Levi Stern and Solomon). We took this pic after having Springritual in big Holy Sea in the Uribi Highhlandz with lotz of nice women (this pic is some yearz ago, we were in good form those timez! Ofcourse till now we do it every year!). Om Namaste Magash Overstreamingz!


AOEA hat gesagt…

wouaaaaahhhhhh schööön!!!

das weibliche pendant zu euch, siehe bei Wiki:

auch schöööön, gell????

Mrs. K. hat gesagt…

Yes, really nice boys!!
I'm feeling lucky and good now!!
Thanks Mrs. K.

Irene hat gesagt…

Hi Mat, is this fake? I remember he is bigger! :-)

Irene (you know)

Jolanda hat gesagt…

Ja, ist mir auch so in Erinnerung geblieben (dennoch sieht er süß aus)!


Gesine Petrovic hat gesagt…

Cool circumsised men are the best!

Henriette hat gesagt…

was, Jolanda, du auch...?
Mat! Auch Jolanda, ich habe..gut, wir reden noch miteinander - Irene, Greta, Carla, Anke, Colette, Sarah, etc. etc. sind mir egal, aber JOLANDA!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Is this the naked truth?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hihi Murat,
ich wußte ja daß nichts als Sex dich wieder aus deiner Lethargie reißt. Die Mädels wissen sicher eine Menge zu erzählen, aber du siehst aus als hättest du deinen Freund jetzt gebändigt. Es lebe die Philosophie der Freiheit!

Anonym hat gesagt…

hui, boy´s, warum leckt der Hund seine Eier?...weil er´s kann und ihr nicht...aetsch

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Annette and Hui-boys-why-dog-licks-his-love marbles,
SEX is not everthing it isa very important for enlightenemnt but nota everything there are some secrets you both sex fixated blogheads hava to learn.
Are you willing to learn?
Your holiness Murat

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Hui-boys-why-dog-licks-his-love-marbles-person,
If you do my dog meditation you cana do this act of self loving
Meditate and you willa be successful
Yours murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest Murat, ich denke, wenn Du in der Artistik-Schule in Moskau übst, kommst du schneller und sehr real dran als mit Deiner dog-meditation......

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Hui- Boy,
I ama doin also Asthanga ding dong power yoga. I ama givin private classes to Meryl Streep on Long Island beach. One of the figures is the love marbles licking dog figure after the Sun salutations ofa course.
Magash my fränd and coma to me my heart is in you and you are in me and we are all in the big WE WEWEEEE!
Yours holiness Murat the one who is stricken by enlightenement

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Murat,

danke für die Nachhilfe. Viel Erfolg einstweilen mit der Meditation.

Ich hab mirs überlegt: Ich komm doch mit dem Big WE WEWEEEE!

Schlaf gut