Mai 21, 2008

Meditation Numba 4 ( be dog and bark in praise of God)

Dearest lovely Meditators,
last part of our instant enlightenement meditation modul. You meet the you in you dual and non dual justa how you lika ita. Bark loud!!!
Please donta advertise in my meditation classes lika Greeen Little River down below otherwise spiritual white dog is biting you in your dreams. Respect is everthing Magash.
Yours frändly Meditator Instructor Guru and Holiness Murat


Anonym hat gesagt…

Your Holyness!
My dearest beloved Mahaguru!
You and you only understood my innermost hidden self: I bark, point, hunt, retrieve and comment in praise of Thee my wonderful Mahaguru!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Howdy Mr. Tchundyk,
this white dog is friggin` eerie. I can`t cope with this dog in my visualisation meditation. Resistance in me is very strong.
Is there anything I could do about? Maybe Liesle can help me , she seems to dig the meditations.
John Sabin
Denver, CO., USA

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear John,

well, I am a dog, really, and Id like to be in CO at Grand Lake!

Maybe you try being this white dog in the sand, in the shadow of the palmtree, feel the warm sand under your belly, feel so content and alive, hear the waves...everything you do, you do fullheartedly, you dont know why and you dont care...


barbara hat gesagt…

||:whoaaaaa, huuuuuu, whoaaaaaa, whooooo, jaul, huuuuuuu:||

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hihi Barbara, was ich dir immer schon sagen wollte: Ich find dich klasse.

Wir werden noch viel Spaß haben beim gemeinsamen Fliegen durch die Blogs.

Anonym hat gesagt…

The dog is really cute!