November 13, 2011

Between the Djermanz: the secret of the Autobahnz, anda having a Beachparty

Magash! It is allways strange thingy to live part of life in Djermanistan. Those Djermanz can be damned pathetical on one hand, but on otha hand they can be cold lika ice, anda mostly they hava anal complexez. With thiz particular attribute, they can grow into role of the so called 'berdjian or schwäbiszj housewife' (amazing clean housez, kitchenz, toiletz, anda, thiz is most important, carz, they hava!), being very good scientistz anda craftsmen, having lotz of good skillz, or becoming efficient nazis. Ofcourse, not every Djerman is an anal complexed upright citizen or nazi, I also know lotz of very nice and interesting Djerman women. Djermanz can be very seriouz peoplez, having great thinkerz anda inventorz among them, but in same time, being on their 'Autobahnz', they hava dr. Jekyll- mista Hyde transformation, anda they are driving mad as hell. Our friend, Joseph Canaillo, also as a foreigner living in Djermanistan, reveiled me secret of Autobahn-Hell driving: Joseph said to me, it belongz to Djerman soul, to the public character,  to driva as fast as possible on autobahnz, it would be very bad to maka new rulez in Brussels, only driving 120 km/h, for example. Because: as long as they can drive as quick as possible, they will not beginn new war. Djermanz are very martial, you know, anda so they can put all their martial energy in big carz (carz in Djermanistan are lika cowz in India: holy), in SUVz of BMW, in Mercedez, in Audio, Porchez, and so on.
Well: thank you God, you gave Djerman soulz autobahnz to drive quick, let them drive quick in all eternitiez!
Or, let them maka music, lika very pure Djerman group, we see in video below. Even a normal, innocent beachparty, in the hand of Djermanz: it is going bananaz, completely bananaz! But in a way, it is funny anda appeasing, if Djermanz can laugh about themselvez (I hope, thiz is meaning of video below).
Overstreamingz from Uribistan!


Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

Ja, das Auto ist heilig. Für mich bitte eine deesse oder einen Saab, Rover geht auch. Und den gepanzerten Volvo für Vielfahrer mochten wir auch. BMW ist ein Fluchtfahrzeug, die kleinen Sternchen haben keine angenehme Straßenlage und der Rest geht gar nicht.
PS: es gibt auch blöde Radfahrer.
Das Video mißfällt, wenn sie wenigstens stillständen damit man die retro-swimsuits in Ruhe betrachten könnte, Ton wurde erst gar nicht angeschaltet.

M(ar)at Gundo Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dear Woodlisle! I prefere old Citroen 11 CV as a getaway car.
About the video: I will put now version on youTube here (very firzt version was on Vimeo). I lika Vimeo, it's good quality, but it doesn't work so well on olde pc's. Anda on youTube,it's possible you can't see this video in Djermanistan, because of GEMA, anda if they notice there are also some nice couplez of naked breastz at end of video, it's possible they censure it.
But now you can try to see it again with the youTube version
Overstreamingz, Marat Gundo Tchundyk

Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

dearest brother of our beloved Holyne$$,
those 50ties swimsuits are really,
there are special suits for bible belt communities with little skirts, bows etc.
thanks for redoing the video!
something to read on a lazy sunday afternoon ? see:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Die deutsche Bundesbahn stellt wieder Quereinseteiger ein! Wollt ihr gerne Lokführer werden? Jetzt wird es wahr!