Juli 20, 2009


We enjoy it, to present a new great endorser of Uribi musix, instrumentz, history, nature & all kinds of spiritz! We are happy to hava former president Bush in Uribistan.
Note for all Uribiheadz: after a long time in underground, in Hamasheyk, Europe, US of A and in otha worldz, I'm back here again! With Chök Hak & his companionz we could maka big deal. I'm very happy to be here again, makin' new experimentz in our institute, being in our new Uribi Shaman Council, doin' lotz of Kamel Sutré, having every wednesday great diner with Murat anda some times writing again in our fantastic Uribistan Daily! With lotz of overstreamingz, Mat Gundo.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Beloved Holine$$,

can Bush live cheaply in Uribistan ? Reminds me somehow of Austrians in Hungary, buying lots of wines and sausages, old clocks and furniture, not able to speak 10 words Hungarian. Do the Bushes speak Uribi?

Anonym hat gesagt…

dear Murat,
I am afraid I was - involuntarily - deleting your comment concerning breakfast: sorrrrry!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Foerster,
never mind, I can reclick everything.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Liesel,
you definitely CAN live cheaply in Uribistan, the question ist: do you have an appropriate income?

It is a bit like swiss german (or austrian) you can understand what you hear, but cannot speak yourself.

I love Hungarian Furniture by the way, i guess the newcomers have goos taste. Same about the food

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Magash Mat,
shall I bringa the camelsteaks for next Wednesday dinner? Also the angeltrumpet flowers for dessert?
Hope my wifa is butchering the camel tonight anda nota tomorrow.
Georgie said he also wanta to coma to dinner. He bringsa six pack. Johannes the ex wood village teacher bringsa his flute for entertainment.
Yes lovely Wood forest lady even ex wood village teachers canna finda cheap little place in Uribistan.
Mevlana do ya lika hungarian furniture with the colourful paintings?
See ya at Wednesday. Mat whata da ya bringa?
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk

Anonym hat gesagt…

Camelsteaks?! how can you butcher beings with such big velvety eyes and gorgeous eyelashes?

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearest Muri!
Wow, Camel Steak! That's a long time ago, being for millionz of yearz (I guess) in the mushroom experience in Hamasheyk. I remember the camel steaks of your wife! They are so holy-uribi-good! It makes my mouth water! (let us invite Woodgirl too, she will like it - we can also maka vegi-camel for her. Anda I think we can hava nice talkz with Woodgirl).
Anda Georgy there, fine, with Laura?
I will bring with me for you special surprise from Highlandz!
Overstreamingz! Mat Gundo

Secret word of today's comment: UNCRAB

Anonym hat gesagt…

dear Uribi-brothers,

if you cannot give up archaic bloody eating habits I will not follow your kind invitation, despite the offer of veggi-steaks and despite the talkative mood i´m in. LGR and I are the new avantguarde of veggies. Better for your blod vessels and better for your blood fats and cholesterine and high pressure.

Stop butchering those sweet woolly beings, use their wonderfully soft wool, comb it, spin it and start fabricating expensive bio Camel pulls for the EU-Market. Tourist could came and brush camels, look deeply onto those enigmatic eyes,
relax while spinning like Ghandi -- be inventive dear friends!

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Dear HH Murat, dear Mat! Does camel steak eating increase your virility being involved in Kamel Sutré? Please tell me!
Joseph C