Juli 17, 2009

Love and be loved in return

Dearest lovely anthropsfyblogheads,
recently i walked through the backstreets of Hamasheyk anda I heard beautiful music by some of our immigrants. They donta hava money buta they looka happy. " Money is the root ofa all evil." They definetly are nota evil these boys, next day I wanta to hire them fora alittle family party buta they lefta Hamasheyk, probably up into Uribi Highlands to be part ofa the shamanistic human experiments of the biological Cybernetic Institute of Hamasheyk. They hava to swallow extracts ofa morning glory and then they hava to report ofa experience to Mat Gundo. One Uribi Dollar per day nota bad. Half of ita they send to families in Djermanistan.
Let us love our Uribi Immigrants in return. Da ya need a band for ya party?
His Holiness
Murat Joy Tchundyk


Anonym hat gesagt…

I really like the instrumentalists and the vocalist! Are these Foxes and Boars?
What a pitty I cannot arrange parties and invite them to play there!

Remenber Billie Holiday tomorrow!

barbara2 hat gesagt…

oh und ich dachte, billie holliday:-(

wenn die band erst einmal an den uribischen experimenten des berüchtigten institutes teilnimmt, ist sie als partyband nicht mehr zur verfügung, mal sehen in was sie sich nun verwandelt? mornig glory (blaue prunkwinde)? noten ähem töne? luftspiegelungen oder etwas, was dann gerne von mäusen gefressen wird?

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Dear Murat! Nice guys,I know this band, I saw some gigs of them. One in the deepest night in an old strange house, with blonde vamps singing. Only happy people around and the smell of real Uribi Anauh Iram. It is good to know them in Uribistan. We hope to see them again, visiting Uribistan in late summer.
Joseph Canaillo & the other terra inhabitants,
a lot of magash!
Word of the day, realy: SIONS

Maya bikinski hat gesagt…

Hey :)
Ich finde den Waschbären so süüüüüüüsss. Kann der auch singen oder nur Sax blasen?

Herr Oberfoerster hat gesagt…

Ja, den finden alle süss.
Neulich hat er auch gesungen,
gar nicht mal übel-leider gibt es keine Aufnahme...

mit freundlichem Gruss,


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Försterliesel!
You should your doggie woulda lova them. Rocky Racoon loves doggies.
Dear Babs Numba two
you think this band will be eaten by mice after they saw Mat Gundo. Maybe I shoulda warn them.
Lovely Josie,
whera dida ya see them? You neva tolda me. By the way my musicstudio in Brooklyn is gone no Uribi music UHU lefta me.....
Hello sweety maya,
Rocky Racoon is indeed verrrry sexy but I didnt hear hima singa.
Dearest lovely Oberförster,
are you now togetha witha Foersterliesel?
Are you boss ofa Wild boar and foxes Sounds or are you now ZOOLANDER.
Hey I needa band to play my songs. Isa your band in the Uribi highlands by now?
His Holiness
Murat Joy Tchundyk