Juli 29, 2009


DEAREZT READERZ ANDA PEOPLEZ WHO LIKE TO VISIT OUR BELOVED URIBISTAN AND THE KAMEL SUTRÉ DAYZ! After some interaction with touristz, fanz anda new foreign inhabitantz of The Free anda EverYoung People's Republic of Uribistan (FEPRU) - our Ministers of Tourist Affairz anda also of Security Affairz have ordered to change our picturez! Ofcourse they lika Kamel Sutré (don't say it loud: they are not so very educated in thiz method!), but, so they say, those Indian kama sutra picz can attract the wrong peoplez to Uribistan. They don't wanna hava new Thailand here. They showed us letters from good fanz of us, they wrote, it is lida bit oversexy here! Our great leader Chök Hak also was very upset about the islamic gay kama sutra picz! The Ministry of Tourism wants us to make good picturez of Kamel Sutré, not such profane ones of the Kama Sutra. So, we have to do thiz: we changed the picz below, now there are real fine picturez for meditation anda concentration about time. Thiz is necessary entering the practice of the Real Kamel Sutré. Overstreamingz, Mat Gundo


Anonym hat gesagt…

very nice clocks, indeed!

barbara2 hat gesagt…

oh manno, dann doch lieber den mond anheulende kamele, ich fand die anderen bilder netter:-(

Anonym hat gesagt…

Mat acted very wisely and slyly indeed:Coockooclocks with little birdies and little doors symbolizing very well the eternal in-and-out being shown on those beautiful Indian paintings he posted before... now its advertising for people who can read in Goetheanic manner and method the parallells and significants, the right tourists will be attracted: Anthros! Maybe Mischa and Jo will pass by ?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Mat,
if I klick on Kuckucksuhr, will it turn into Foersterliesel, or Indian Love Technique? I have seen, there are very nice shaman pictures of her on her homepage, and on another plan I would want to know what clutures feel about one another. I do not mean judging, I really want to know, because everyone is so different about these things and yet we all live in this one beautiful world, don't we.

Plus, I would love to have Andreas Lichte with us, because that really interests me now, what he might say.

Anonym hat gesagt…

hallo Maurulam,
Försterliesel.at ist nicht meine hp.
Scheinen aber nette Leuts zu sein, die im schönen Tirol zu Hause sind, die Glücklichen!, und eine kleine Försterliesel (baby Emma) haben sie auch! Ich sollte vielleicht mal gratulieren, nicht wahr?
lieben Gruß!

Anonym hat gesagt…

liebe Maurulam,
auch das
bin ich leider nicht! So eine sympathische Försterin mit zwei Bracken! Ich hab nur eine!
Und als ich jung war konnten Frauen zwar Forstwirtschaft studieren, was ich auch kurz erwogen habe, aber kaum Försterin werden. Meine beste Freundin - die mir jetzt auch sehr geholfen hat - ist auch eine Förstertochter.
lieben Gruß!

Mrs. K. hat gesagt…

Could you please,please give one of your nice coockooclocks to Mrs. Bush. The girls at terra canaillo all have one, so don't let Mrs. Bush still stay so timeless naked.