Februar 16, 2009


Dearest Antropsfy blogheadssphere,
my band UHU and me were the last few days in the Uribi music mutown studios to record an old song of Uncle Leo, who wrote beautiful songs for campfire evenings. Yeah Susanne took me down to river and f...ed me completely up. Yeah and Cheesus wasa sailor was he really? Anyway there isa good fish in the Galilaen lake.
Anyway puta on your funkky dancing shoes and lets dance to the end of love altogether. Leta the Uribi revolution be a reality anda nota illusion only for headf...ers.
Remmba there isa for any anthropsfy bloghead a room in my soul. Big licking kissas all over your faces from Murat Smooth doggy dog.
Magash and dance to the limits of your extasy witha us . Shake your bootys real hard and funky.

MJT isa witha you


terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Uribi Disco ist jetzt aus den Villadzj Bars in der stadt angekommen, scheint es! Aber es fehlt doch noch der hintergrundchor. Wo sind die BakiriHotSisters

Joseph Canaillo

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Mittanuend = mittanzend

Joseph C.

Bestätigungswort: slaugant

(Uribisch für: schlauer riese)

Ennasus Sidarap hat gesagt…

Dearest Uncle Murat,
I was deeply touched by dese exceptional musik fom dhe heart of my far away homecountry. I, as a N.R.U. (Non Resident Uribistani) dhat I have to grow up severed from my holy roots due to unfortunate circumstances, have just seen dhe light. Dhank you from dhe bottom of my heart for bringing my country to me all dhe way to Tubingtan through dis musik. Dhank you. Honouring greetings, your niece,
Ennasus Sidarap

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your Holyness beloved,
as I cannnot reactivate the sound function of my notebook I cannot hear your music - what a pitty!
But the dog and I were sniffing around pictures and opinions and - sorry! - he even marked the corner of the Volkspalast.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you guys for the new disco song!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

@ Josie- the BakiriHotSistas hava tonilitis.
@ Dearst Niece- it isa great to hear from you here. I know it isa nota easy to live in the Diaspora as a Uribi. Buta I see you still hava your Uribi dialect in your English. may the Uribi Gods bless you!!!! and of coursa your daughta!!!! Uncle Murat
@ Foersterliesel- Chök Hak wasa very angry becausa ofa dog pipi but our cleaning ladies from Waziristan dida good job. Next time watch out please!
@ Mevlana Maurulam- I knew you woulda lika ita, when do we meet in Uribi Sauna?
His Holiness
Murat Joy Tchundyk

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lieber Murat,
OK. Frag bitte deine Frau ob sie auch mitkommen will, und ich bring dann meine Handtasche. Möchtest du Rumi lesen oder lieber DADA? Ersterer hat schonmal einen Gott.

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Mevlana Maurulam!
Psssst donta mention my wifethere isa Karma with my wife and there is Karma witha you donta mixa up. I believe in God and reading Rumi isa for me more important than to read the Bible, Thora Talmud Koran or Bagavadgita or Philosophy of freedom. Yes we canna read Rumi in Sauna, but only we two okay?
His Holiness
Murat Joy Tchundyk

Anonym hat gesagt…

Liebster Murat,

hab was für dich bei mir zu Haus. Sind aber nur Sachen, die jeder lesen darf, auch wenn nur wir zwei da sind.