Januar 22, 2009

Communiqué 5

People of Uribistan! People of the World! After hard weeks of consolidating our Great Uribi Revolution, as a member of our People's Council, I will speak to you again.
The Uribistan People's Republic gives great congratulations to Mister Barak Husein Obama now becoming president of the United States of America! He also is great son of Uribistan! He is symbol for new great wave of peace and new perestroika in the world. We hope we can do good business with Americanistan!
One of our first business is the rewarding for taking Osama bin Laden. This was a very great deed from our famous Uribi son Murat Tchundyk (most of you know him as HH Murat Joy Tchundyk, doing little silly tricks for you western minds like walking on water). Ofcourse in our socialistic society our humble Murat said he only wants 1.000.000 $ of the 25.000.000 $ headhunter's price. This is very, very generous of our son Murat! 24 millions, he said, we must invest in infrastructure of our country. We, the People's Council, give him 3.000.000 $! So he can work on his projects with magic, music and good propaganda for our country.
On the other site: we will not give away Mister Osama to Mister Obama for only 25.000.000 US $!!
No - Americanistan can have Osama, after they have given us also:

1) the warcriminal and great liar mister George Dabbelyou Bush
2) the warcriminal mister Rumsfeld
3) the warcriminal mister Cheney

4) the warcriminal mister Wolfowitz

We will make good trial for them. Because US of A does not have contract with International Court in La Haye, Holland, we will make fair justice in Hamasheyk, talking about their bad words and bad deeds.

Another condition is: US of A must beginn with free trading Cuban products. From now on, we want you to get free Cuban cigars in the US of A!

We hope that you, Mister President Obama, will give us this four-man gang!
Comrade Chök Hak


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hahaha! Großartig!
Ich habe aber fast den Verdacht, dass man mit den US of A nicht verhandeln kann!
Was ihr tut, tut es für die Demokratie und den Frieden in der Welt.
(wisst ihr nicht, das Aug in Aug eine alttestamentarische Verhaltensweise ist. Zitat Gronbach & Steiner)

Hermann Finkelsteen hat gesagt…

Hi Chök,
I have someoneelse to put on list. Could you drop by in my office?
Herrmannn the GOOD DJERMAN

Anonym hat gesagt…

Gibt es wieder einen neuen Schreiber? Wir sind gespannt