Januar 18, 2009

The Captain

"I`m leaving Captain, I`ve got to go,
there`s blood upon your hand.
Buta tella me Captain, if you know
Ofa decent place to stand?"
"There isa no decent place to stand
in a massacre!"

Dearest Anthropsfy blogheads,
Iama liddle bit shocked ofa integral Anthropsfy of our Ex-Ambbassador ( our beloved one) anda all the Info 3 Cohen integral Lightwarrior faction, buta Antrhopfy blogheadscene is as diverse as ina warzone itself. Don Michele hasa interesting article, go there anda read not all Anthropsfy blogheads are warmongers. Also there isa bloga ofa the triba of Canaillo anda A special Schmankerl isa Forestwood Lady form Vienna Iama happy now thata there isa ceasefire. I mada song for all of you.
Instead of the search for Integral Super Human Being Lightwarrior state ofa evolution whicha is alos described in Bagavatgita and witha the enlightend Cohen disciples I turned to another Cohen who describe the war as the overcoming ofa Duality enemy isa friend isa enemy anda be a brotha. Imada song for you witha little helpa of the Uribi Harmony Urchezra and the Words ofa L. Cohen anda music by Steve Kuhn. The saga ofa the Uribiwars back then. A songa ofa my Commander who was Israeli soldier. Iama sad for all the soldiers on both side returning home and suddenly realizing that they gotta f...ed by their leaders anda that they kill peoples who couldnt finish their Karma on that beautiful world. Shame on them anda also on the warmongers who use language and propaganda asa their weapons also shame on them.
I ama sad to the deepest room ofa my soul anda I canna expressa my sorrow only in music and poetry nota so much ina hot political discussion. Listen to my Guru Cohens words we donta needa evolution who is not acknowledging the human suffering.
Mgash and my peace prevail on earth and on the blogheadscene. Krishnaistas and Arjunistas.
I lova you all biga lickin kissas for you and pray nota only for victims buta also for the killers karmaloka on both sides!
His Holines
Murat Sorrow Tchundyk


Michel Gastkemper hat gesagt…

Dear Mr Murat S. Tchundyk,
You are right, words aren’t enough to counter this situation anymore. Maybe music can. You mentioned ‘All The World’s A Stage’. That was a very important record for me 33 years ago. So I will now, by internet, recommend ‘The Larger Bowl’. (I was there, both evenings.)
With deepest feelings,
Michel Gastkemper

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Mike,
yes some things can never be changed
some is blessed and some is cursed.
Thanks for the video I didnt know Rush isa still around.
Say hello to Rotterdam!
Yours frändly Murat Joy Tchundyk

Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

what a beautyful song, beloved Holyness,
please keep on singing and Id estimate a little movie (like this one with the flight over Uribistan) really too much! And: are there shiny achal tekkiners (the siamese cats beyond horses)in Uribistan ?
should we reread the Bhaghvadgita?

Annette hat gesagt…

Hello FL,

always ready to read books with you.

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Foersterliesel,
yes iama working on Uribi documentary.
What is achal tekkiners?
Anyway, thisa text by L. Cohen the Captain reminded me of the reverse of the Bagahavadgita. Before the fighting and after the fighting. I presume the Captain is the negative pic of Krishnas teachings. I musta aska Leo whther he hada that in mind. I am also working on a new song a Dance Balkan beat trance hit. I also hava to geta some money working buta one isa ready but it isa bloody country western song. I ama not daring to put it yet in internet.
I love ita and I nearly gotta rid of myUribi accent It sounda real americained, so maybe Nashville discovers me. My fränd Bush still havent send me money I ama also nota so sure anymore whether it isa Bin Laden we caught. He says he is only Ali from Pakistan I donta believa him somehow.
Magash !!!!!!
Murat Joy Tchundyk