Februar 20, 2008

Machmoud is caught

Uribi people call him the "carot killer" or the "desroyer of seeds". He was caught by the UribiSecretArmy, as can be viewed on that YouTube. Friendly westerners hand cuffed him.He will be given to Uribi Police Authorities.
At the moment a big black crow is in the Hamasheyk Cybernatical Institute. Mat Gundo is deeply convinced, that the animal is going to speak ( " whispering words of wisdom LET IT BE LET IT BE"?). We are looking forward to it!!!
We believe to let the crow shit in order to get to the carot seed we need: Mr. Tchundyk! - Uribistan Daily reports


Anonym hat gesagt…

oh good news, I deeply believe in crow wisdom; perhaps we dont understand them but they obviously do understand us...

Hermann Finkelsteen hat gesagt…

Anmerkung der Redaktion:
Mahmoud war auch künstlerischer Leiter der Uribi Eurythmix Aufführung Gimmir Abier. Dam