Juli 24, 2007

Republished the Travel book of Aleyev Tchundyk

The wonderful Travel book of my Grandfather isa republished.A beautiful gem ofa Uribi literature:
" I shalla always rememba the first camp at the foot of the Uribi mountains. We hada stopped in a shallow watercoursa whicha ran outa into the plain, anda we hada dumped our camle saddles into the hota sands between thorn bushes and boulders. Soma ofa our guides saida in hushed voices: " These boulders are stoned uribi shamans who walka arounda in night dressed upa in womans clothes." I didnt believe that olda talka. Rubbish I thought. Anda these thoughts were keepin me apart from my companions. Anda it wasa the first tima I felt lonely. Later Muchmad cooked good uribi rice in the old kasaki way. Thata meant hot, verrrry hot.
I asked my companions for the Empty Space, the goal ofa my ambitions. Nona ofa the camel riders and companions hada heard. " Whata is ita he isa talking abouta? Whata does he wanta?" " God alone knows. I cannot understanda his talka." At last Muchmad exclaimed " Oh! He means The Sands," anda I realized thata this was their name for the great Uribi desert witha its dissappearin sanddunes.
I swear by whatever God thera isa ina heaven this night I coulda hear the boulders arounda me whisperina ina manifold tongues. "
p. 2

Yes my fränds every school kid in Uribistan knows those lines by heart. One of our great achievements in modern Uribi literature. And a wonderful travel book of my Grandfather and one ofa Uribistans first explorer.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Murat,

please tell us more about granpas travels,about the desert, about shaman tradition, what do people in the countryside do to heal, to divine .... tell us, please!


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Försterliesl,
are you really interested?
Ifa so I willa publish more exracts ofa the book.
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Yes, Murat, I am really interested and I think I am not the only one!