Juli 27, 2007

I founda diaries of my Grandpa

The republishing ofa booka ofa my grandpa is on its way. But yesterday I looked in old paper box I gotta from my Dad and I founda old Diaries ofa my Grnadpa fro 1929 he wrota while he was exploring the Uribi desert. Then I found pic which freaked me and Oksana ( we were relaxin a bit by reading Pamela books and the diary of grandpa Aleyev. He tooka pic ofa Stone(d) shaman. Reada for yourself what he wrota to the pic he took. The remaining parts ofa diary are in a very bad condition. Hopa Mat is nota becomin Stone Shaman during his holiday camp up in Uribi Highlands.
Murat reports

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Great idea! Looking forward to your grandpas book! Have there been already Birkenstocks in 1929 or Anthro - Monte Verita -Reformsandalen ? Anyway, grandpa was avantguarde!
Be blessed by the moon and
have a nice weekend with Pams and Pims!