Juli 04, 2007


Dearest lovely fränds,
remember your last inkarnation, being incarnated in Northamerica, 1776 the declaration of INDEPENDENCE, "all human beings are born free and equal", that inspired the Frenchrevolution. some years later One hundred years later the words of poet:
To a President:
All you are doing and saying is to America dangeled mirages,
You have not learn`d of nature- of the politics of Nature you have not learn`d the great amplitude,recitude, impartiality, you have not seen that only such as they are for these states, and that what is less than they must sooner or later lift off from these states.
Walt Whitman 1860
Another hundreds years later:
Pull my poppy - tip my cup - cut my thoughts - for coconuts - bone my shadow - dove my dream - milk my mind and make me cream - hop my heart on- harp my height - hip my angel - hype me enlight en me - heal the raindrop- sow the eye - woe the worm - work the wise - whore my door - beat my beer - craze my hair - bare my poor- pope my parts- pop my pet- pluck uribi poppies - pit my plum.
Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Murat Tchundyk ( 1951, 2007 4th of July)
Now I hava to go to harvest of poppies. Magash !!!
Yours frändly Murat


AOEA hat gesagt…

What a lovely picture, in full natural Harmony , ich wünsche Dir eine "gesegnete Ernte" !
Could i receive some seeds? I like these flowers for my garden!
Thääänks a lot!

Annette hat gesagt…

Hallo, ich bin die Urlaubsvertretung (Würg);-)

Sorry aber ich freu mich auf mein Blumenmeer daheim und daß Murat wieder da ist.

Alles Liebe, auch nach unten in die Prärien...

Christoph hat gesagt…

Hmm, Murat, how long will that take? I mean the happy harvesting thing? I hope your engagement is governmentally okayed!

Annette hat gesagt…

Oh, you mean...
Well, there are email going round. Latest news is as good as a yes. That means: we are here to stay!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Antropsfy blogheads,
these seeds are needed for babynukis, so they dont scream at night and sleep sweetly. I try to sell Weleda the URIBI POPPY BABYNUKIS, buta they donta lika idea.
Christoph the flowers are all taxed, and the flower money is makin it possible to hava so much fun as Ambassador.
This is real flower power, taxed poppies.
Aoea you willa geta flowers and seeds.
Annette, there are a lot emails goin around at this verrry moment.
Yours frändly Murat

Annette hat gesagt…

No, Murat: you just do not listen to Weleda. They did want these babypoppies and do want them. This you will see if you open their post and read carefully.
Fun for Ambassadors is it to help those who cannot help themselves and to be there for questions. What does this have to do with taxes?
In January, you asked Jane (was it her), why she never answers? Well, you are just the same. Is freedom really good for you? This question one could ask your counterpart as well. Does hard work effect you have a beloved family with you at this verrrrrry mom.? Do you know what you want? You ask this question to others.
I do not even wish to have even one more life than the one I chose to live before, I do not need more than one friend to listen to what I urgently need to say. I am trustworthy especially in moments when people need me most of all. I love to make people happy, and I ask them if they are! What else are all ideas and all money for?

Greetings, Annette

Anonym hat gesagt…

4th of July 1951 - is this your date of birth, dear Murat? In former days poor peasants used babynukis with poppyseeds and rakija to keep babies sleepy and bedazzled so their mothers could just leave them and work hard all day.....better use the seeds for Mohnkuchen, Mohnseife, Mohnöl, Mohnnudeln and dried flower bouquets! Poppy for drugs, money for weapons.. rose and blue coloured poppyfields in Afghanistan, Uribistan


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Annette,
okay i gonna reada ita again.

Dearest Oberfoersterliesl,
1951,2007 4th of July this are dates when the poem grew and was born. Money are nota for weapons buta for our Ambassador in Berlin the Goy. He isa verry flamboyannt and expensive.
He expensive buta he works to our full satisfaction.
Yours frändly Murat