April 24, 2007


Hamasheyk Institue for biological Cybernetics reports- Murats test was shocking us, imagine he saw goldfishes and a halfnaked mermaid!?!?!?!! Our Dr. Psychov asked him to draw a picture for us. This pic complicates everything more. We are lost and since Murat got in contact with Antropsfy we thought maybe it is a mythological pic you LOVELY antropsfy blogheads can explain to us in the comments. Is it a birdman? Is it a spirit? A hero? A Antropsfy God? We don`t know. Help us out of this "Erkenntnis Kink".
@ Rudiger you were right there was a naked woman, but she was hidden in the bushes, how did you find out. The house is incorrect. You hava a light stress syndrome, drink beer with a lot of yeast in it.
@ fritz you needa a kinky massage it is not serious your stress level but you hava to watch it.
@Annette you couldn`t know that a woman was hiding in the bushes. You are pretty healthy and cana resist a lot of stress. Whata isa your secret?
@frau K (...) ein gefährlich blödes , blökendes Schaf, welches ihm die Wäscheklammern reicht.
we never looked at the pic from that point of view. Thanks for your perspective!
@anonym you need desperately help. We recomend you Mahmouds Dolphin Travel Watch boat trips. You geta discount we writa you a recipy.
@ Serena V you need serious anger management. You are nota stressed but possesed by a biblical anger.


Anonym hat gesagt…

This one looks like the Steiner Wandtafelzeichnungen I saw before. Good for Murat! I believe he just pictured himself. And this is why I love all the figures he made.

My secret is that I do not have one. Wy not be open for everyone and live Goodness?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich bin zwar nicht anonym, aber eine Bootfahrt hätte ich trotzdem gern einmal wieder. In der Vergangenheit habe ich sie ausprobiert: sehr entspannend, gute Erinnerungen.