April 17, 2007

Kasakhi-Stress-Test 2

Hamasheyk Institute of biological Cybernetics reports-
Welcome to our 2nd Kasakhi stress test dearest lovely Antropsfy Blogheads!
This picture has 3 Elements: 1 a male 2 an animal, 3 surroundings
Our new cell pixel bits have different angles and show different elements according to the state of your nervous system. Please writa us what you see specify it and we work out the given data. Every Kasakhi stress test will be worked on and we will give recommendations to help you.
Yours frändly the Staff of Hamasheyk Institue of biological Cybernetics


Rudiger hat gesagt…

Ich sehe Murat als Schafkämpfer, 1 rotes Tuch, 1 Schaf (vor 5 Wochen geschoren), 1 Feld (grün), Bäume, 1 Haus, 1 Frau (splitternackt), 1 grauer Himmel (mit Wolken).
Grüße, Rudiger

fritz forger-bloggs hat gesagt…

I see everything mentioned (no naked women though;) but looking permanently on this picture my stresslevel rose and finally I lost myself in the kink. Is there a way out of this kink? Help!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Das Schaf würde wohl auch ohne Tuch hinter Murat herlaufen, ich muß sagen. Der Spanier sieht aber schneidiger aus, so kümmert sich ein liebevoller Dompteur. Sonst sehe ich ebenfalls Landschaft, Bauernhof und Wolken (die verfliegen auch noch).

Sehr geehrter Herr Forger-Bloggs,
auf diesem Bild gibt es keine nackte Frau. Die Vatikanaktion hatte welche (nur 1 pro Bild), ebenso das Chakren-Unterrichtsmaterial. Mr. Bloggs, ich möchte daß Sie sich bei uns wohlfühlen, Sie können gerne Sexualität ansprechen! Ich fühle mich soweit für das richtige Frauenideal, und hoffentlich auch Männerideal, zwischen Werbeplakaten und einem Chagall.

Nett, daß uns Mr Matt Gundo vorgestellt wurde. Ich hoffe ich habe ansonsten einige Treffer gelandet.


I see two Goldfishes. The left one has a beutiful red veil on his tail. The other one is nearly dead and must go out of wata soon. In the back I see a sleeping half naked mermaid on the pepplestones. The wata is not clean anymore verry dirty.
So I founda two animals and a half human. togetha there are three.
Anyway, hopa I did everythinga correct.
Yours frändly Murat

Frau K. hat gesagt…

Da steht ein gutaussehender, aufrechter Torrero mit mutigem, stolzen Blick, der dabei ist, Wäsche aufzuhängen. Vor ihm ein gefährlich blödes, blökendes Schaf, welches ihm die Wäscheklammern anreicht. Sie stehen in der exotisch, faszinierenden Landschaft der deutschen Provinz.
Ist doch klar, oder?
Frau K.

Anonym hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Mr Forger-Bloggs,

since there is some space left here, I do want to tell you that it was indeed the founder of a Maria Montessori school, a teacher, who had recommended the place I worked for some time to me!
Now I made friends with the ladies there very quickly, only with one of them it was not as easy as I had hoped for. This woman often took other peoples food or smashed hers down when I was there and housesitting. This often made both of us sad. I thought what I could do, since I knew: the change needs to come from her, I can only wait. One day I took enough care about myself to use my lovely rose-shaped bottle of perfume and put some of it on me. Jane laughed and smiled at me as if she always did it, she hugged me and wanted to play with my hair. She loved the perfum, and this is how I made my way to her heart and why everyone there wanted me to use some friendly smell every day. ( I do love to borrow the bottle as well, but please understand, only to friends ). Later on I was even asked to write a little bit about why I lived with them for their newsletter, which is published all over the country. It sure is because of the lovely people there, I see they live their lives to the fullest and expect us to do the same!

Dear Murat, yes, we did some flights together already, I kept the tickets as a memory! Plus, I do have a travel edition Andersen in my living room. This one is a classic, and an original, and wants to be read now and in the future.

Rudiger hat gesagt…

Tschuldigung, aber wird hier nun der Kasakhi-Stress-Test 2 gemacht, oder wird hier Kasakhi-Soul-Ripping betrieben??
Grüße, Rudiger

Serena V. hat gesagt…

Lieber Herr Murat! Richtig vorm Arsch! Stress-Test nennt Ihr das? Ich kann euch mal zeigen was Stress ist! 5 Nächte gearbeitet und dann steht dieser sau-blöder Bastie vor der Tür, mit Blumen! 'Verpiß dich!' habe ich nur gerufen, der Sack ist auch noch rückwärts von der Treppe gefallen!
Ist Jane bisexuell?
Grüße, Serena V.

fritz forger-bloggs hat gesagt…

Dearest Annette,

how sweat your words caress my ears and how wise from this Montessori teacher to recommend such an important job to you. Now, I understand that of course you only give some of your miraculous perfume to friends. Do you see a chance, that some day we might perhaps become friends so I could also get some of this fantastic fragrance? It would help me a lot in getting my small employees to like me, since paying them a salary is not really an option.


Fritz Forger-Bloggs


Thanks Rudiger! The Uribistan Daily will provide an extra post for all the important questions for Annette, Fritz forger-blogger and Madame serena V.
Thanks so far for the given Data. Tomorrow you will get the results!
The Hamasheyk Institute for biological Cybernetics

Murat please come immediately to the Institute. Your given data is somehow worrisome.