April 21, 2007

hamasheyk institute happy after hourz belly fun

Aloa ha! (iz olde greetinx from Uribistan!) deara ladiez anda also gentlemaniez, I am Mat Gundo. I am very happy witha you now here on The Uribistani Daily, you all cuty Anthropsfy Blockheadz! Thisa evening I meta afteR longTime my dear Beloved Friend Murat Tchundyk in Hamasheyk Institute. Hea now is there also for DreamStudiez. Togethera we will make The Uribistan Daily to a fine, interesting Journal - talking anda writing about Uribi Boyz anda ofcourse Girlz & also about ANthropsfy and the Daily Life alsoa in Tschermany and the West. (thiz is for the Uribi friendz). The Staff of Hamasheyk Institute invitede uz for a After Hour Party withe Belly Dance SuperWomanStar. Woman dancing now is called Ann Etta anda very sexxy. Ita wasa very hotte Night. I love you all. Soon I will sende you my Biographsy. Love Feelingz sendz You , Yours Mat Gundo!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ah! Ist das jetzt die angekündigte Werbung für die große Party? Jetzt gleich?

Good news for the biography.

Rudiger hat gesagt…

Wenn Annette so schreiben würde, wie Ann Etta tanzt...
Grüße, Rudiger


Dearest Rudiger,
be nica to Annette. We are one blogheadsfamily. Who isa Anna Etta, not Belly dancer above.
Greetings from Hamasheyk Institute for biological Cybernetics. They donta wanta to leta me agogo. I suffer sincerly from a Jo-jo-Wee-wee- wooJoJomon syndrome. So I hava to painta pictures.
Yours Mfrändly Murat


Dearest lovely Mat Gundo,
as areal Uribi I welcome you as Uribi brother . He`s gotta a very Uribi accent, you can hera ita in Central Uribistan near Muskyl Capital of Uribistan, where they also disdibriuting this phantastic Mongolian-desert-vodka.
Anyway we are happy to work together with Mat Gundo.
Yours frändly co-editor of Uribistan Daily. Murat Tchundyk

Anonym hat gesagt…

Good to see Murat & Mat enjoying work life together. They are a matching team for Uribistan.

Through with the 30 pages, I am dancing tonight. Welcome Ann Etta (and everyone else), cause dance is the art that unites all other arts (We also love to see Ms Ettas belly).

Hamasheyk Institute and Uribistan Daily are already highly interesting to study for students as well as professionals. There are going to be lots of riddles, contests and more serious articles coming from them.

Thanks to everybody for everything from Annette

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

wow, this is amazing! one of the best belly dance performances I saw! And this is Ann Etta? Is she the allover transformed Annette after Joseph's carpet ride? :-)
Yours, kisses, also for A.,

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well, Jane ist the nicest kisser! Well, after hour magic says I am Ann Etta, and magic is true! Yes, we integrate A. also.

Rundumerdumd + Joseph