März 19, 2011

The Rites of Spring

Dearest Fränds!
Now it is Beginning of Spring and our youngster and our old re youngsters experience the joys of etheric sexual forces on their own booty togetha witha othas. This is somewhere in Iceland young peoples who surrender to the power of Love. Instead of Nuclear Power we needa more the POWER OF LOVE!
Let us be joyful and prayful ! Birth and Death Joy and Pain is someimes not far from anotha!
Be blessed!
His Holine$$
Muart Joy Tchundy


terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Dearezt HH Joy Tchundyk! This video is NOT visible in Djermanistan. Please, search another copy (maybe you can find one not on youTube).

I hope in Uribistan everything is fine, no fall-out from Nippon.

All the best, Joseph Canaillo

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest luvely Josie!
Hope it isa working. You hava to live here in Uribistan you canna see everything even the Porn channel of the pentagon hihihi!( by the way it isa nota exciting)
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Dearezt HH Joy Tchundyk! Just try it again, this copy is not available too. As I said: try it on another video-server as youTube. But please: don't put the Pentagon-Porno Channel at the Daily (at the other hand: the Pentagon is porno, the baddest you can imagine)

Magash to Uribistan, JC

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

STOP! Don't change - suddenly it works!

Ritual Spring greetings, JC

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

This is islandic female force.
It's contrary to Uribi male matschoism.
The guy in the video is from Hamasheyk?

Springrite now greetings, JC