März 08, 2011

Raymond Davis: an example of dirty workz of the USA - (preparing thingz lika 9/11)

Magash! In these timez everybody is a looking to the immense tragical situation in Lybia. How does it end? Maybe the idiot Ghaddafi can taka asylum in the house of his friend the quickfucking Silvio Berlusconi? Afta, we can arrest them both. But looking at Africa anotha important case in these dayz has almost been forgotten: the killing of two Pakistani (each with five bullets), both secret agentz, in january of this year. The killer, Raymond Allen Davis, is an american CIA-agent, probably the new leader of the CIA in Pakistan, responsible for many nice thingies, probably also false flag operationz with nuclear materialz!
Indeed: it is totaly equal you hava creep lika Bush or an alibi-black lika Obama at the top of thiz murderouz State.
Here, coincidentally, we can hava glimpse of one head of the monster, wanting to destroy humanity. More about thiz very ugly case, you can read in djerman here, anda here in english anda here commentz in english anda arabicz.
After all, I wish good overstreamingz to all readerz!

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