Juni 25, 2009

Bushs Hideaway

Laura and George bought a little hut ona Uribi flatlands from my cousin Ali. They hava little Restaurant where laura is barbecuing Original Texas Chicken Wings. She isa working lika hell in kitchen, while Georgie is drinking beer witha locals. Laura has also very sexy burka made out offa hair offa unborn camel embryos puta togetha by little children fingers in our textile factorys in the Lowlands. They seema to hava good lifa here. Georgie also is doing a beginers course with Mat Gundo. How to discover the Astro Booty World? Guest lecturer isa Don Michele with the lecture. " How does Ahuasca effect the electric booty?"
Whena georgie read that He said: Is Ahuasca a mexicain beer? Isa Don Michele a master of beer brewery ? I was smilin at myself and thinking Don Michele a beer brewer from Djermanistan ...
There isa so much going on ata moment ina Uribistan. Yes we are a fast developing Nation being proud of our history and courageous enough to face the future here and now....
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk
P.S. We were reporting in March 2007. How Bush was looking for the axis of good in Uribistan. Click here for article by Herrmann Finkelsteen. By then Herrmann was writing as Djerman Administrator and Uribistan Daily was called TNT ( The Naked Truth) Yes whena I looka at Laura in the header I ama reminded of the good old times....


Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

dear Murat,
are all those Cashmere shawls around really made out of unborn Camels fur ? Are you talking about karakul-sheep ?

barbara2 hat gesagt…

unten herum auch gefärbt? na sowas.
die shawls habe ich im header vermisst, scheitn ein paar probleme mit der gentechnik in dieser hinsicht zu geben

Murat Joy Tchundyk hat gesagt…

karakul- sheep?
coloured under all around?
Dearest lovely fränds,
whata kinda of questions are this?
Bedazzeld Holiness