Juni 22, 2009

Independence Day of the ever Free Republic of Uribistan

Dearest lovely Anthropsfy Blogheads,
today we hava party with good music to celebrate the Independece Day of Uribistan and the return of Winter in the Northern Atmosphere. I ama verrry busy at the moment but if you are in trouble please contact me. I ama still on the path of enlightenement and witha St.Johns fire I will desperately be enlightened and having burned my remaining soul rubbish. Stay tuned my fränds and donta forgeta to mova your booties.
Love may prevail on earth.
Murat Joy Tchundyk


Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

schön daß Ihr wieder da seid!

Maurulam hat gesagt…

Ja, find ich auch!

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Terra Canaillo is gratulating The People's Republic of Uribistan!
We gratulate mister Chök Hak, commandante of gouvernment, his secretary Fak Hu, we gratulate mister HH Murat Tchundyk, holy man of the state, we gratulate the disappeared mister Mat Gundo, and his friends Levi Stern and Mo Slim (both are in Hamashyk, we heard).
All the best from:
Joseph C., TC Kronstadt and Jane (yes, she is back!)

Word of the day: hansor

Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

oh, the Bushes reeeally do look relaxed

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Wood forest lady, Mevlana Maurulam and Josie and all other disciples of The Forever Young and Free Republic of Uribistan,
my heart is ascending lika an Eagle into sky with joy to hava you all here again.
I also wanna tella you that Gergie and Laura boughta house in the Uribi Midlands. Picture willa soon be shown. Mat Gundo isa apparently doing some courses for L.and Georgie to initiate them into the secret Art of Kamel Sutre to heal the physio electric and Astral booty. To strengthen th "The Am " forces we donta know yet what to do with them.
We willa see!
A lot ofa peoples from the West are on pilgramage to the Bushes house. We also heard Green Little River and Happy Beater are for the first time on their way to Uribistan.
Great!!!! History is at hand at its verrrry best.
Murat Joy Tchundyk

Foersterliesel hat gesagt…

oh, so finally me too will learn more about those complicated booties interfering and about Eurythmics ?

Maurulam hat gesagt…

Fine, I'll be glad to learn about all this. I can only see the new header, and this gives me a feeling of what the other pictures are like. Nice to see nothing changes about you, HH Joy Tchundyck!