Januar 04, 2012


Magash! In thiz fantastic year for whole humanity, 2012, we giva monthly a special price for politicianz anda otha nice guyz. Those assholez who maka today's homez anda life so different anda so appealing. Thiz special great award is The Uribi Fried Egg of the Month. We slap it in the face of the happy laureate. Thiz month we choose the great Chrisian Wulff, president of the Federal Banana Republic of Djermanistan. He only would borrow lida private money to build a house (in Djermanistan: 'häusle baua'). Because he is president, thiz was not so good: in this way some of his friendz in free ecomomysystem in Djermanistan could taka some influence on politix anda have advantage (ofcourse normally thiz never happenz in Djermanistan). Now, Christian Wulff is very confused anda sad about the silly thingz he did. Yes, he is our firzt great winner - anda in fact, a harmless winner.

Anda you, dear reader, we hava lida question for you: what is name of the pale antecessor of mista Wulff as a president in Djermanistan? Anda what is name of his ante-antecessor? Donta google! Overstreamingz!

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