August 08, 2011

Kamel Sutré Festival 2011 (2): how to looka lika real Uribiman

Magash! Dear readerz anda upcoming participantz from all world in Kamel Sutré Festival 2011 in Hamasheyk anda otha partz of our beloved Uribistan! If you will looka lika a fine Uribiman, lika we heroes from Tchundykfamily, we give now magix instructionz for growing your hair. Even, if you hava bloody egghead, a dirty meatcap, or a bright billiard ball, don't worry: let it grow! Just meditate, concentrate on the old Uribi-mountaingod Shipta (he is very hairy) and say 100.000 times mantram: shipta-shipta-ta-tta-hipta-voxta-klipta-tahakumakumm. Thiz is very old Uribi mantric speech for mountain godz. Meanwhile touch your skinny skull, and you will see, afta few dayz or weekz by touching your skin, hair beginz to grow. But WARNING: don't touch your girlfriend or woman in those dayz. Thiz givez bad ending: do you lika women with hairy breasts?

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Kamelsutre Sommerkurs mit Töpfern?
completely sold out or are there any places left? will prince Devendra make an appearance?