August 09, 2011

Converting human spirit into energy...Perception of Reality

Dearest Fränds!
Please meet a Native American Freethinker who is a true Uribiman!
His Holine$$


Anonym hat gesagt…

well, I think religion and spirituality need not necessarily be seen in juxtaposition; the concept of guilt has been central in religion but somehow fades out nowadays, its more about the ability of becoming guilty or that as an active being one hardly escapes guilt. Besides, all religions I know have a content of meditation and spirituality, often disguised by rules and wordly interests. In western religions i missed the cosmic embedding the vedic sight can offer.
Have a good summer!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Yes you are true, buta Mista trudell has nice views also it isa nota about Freedom in Democracies but about responsibility.